Monday, August 11, 2008

111 Days

I've always been annoyed when an ocean rower I've been following has gone a long time without updating their blog-- and now I've gone more than a month without updating my own...oh well...

There's lots of news to report, as Row for Hope has made several well-received appearances in the Northeast including a long weekend in Binghamton, NY where we promoted Row for Hope and showed off the boat at an art festival, a golf tournament, and a Binghamton Mets (AA) baseball game. Another weekend we had the boat in Gloucester, MA for the Blackburn Challenge, a big open-water rowing regatta north of Boston. The reception that we got in both places was fantastic and reinforced what we already knew -- that the Row for Hope story is one that inspires.

The next several months are going to be crazy, and the team's list of t0-do's is more than a hundred rows long at this point. Often times it feels like every time we accomplish one thing two more pop up...luckily the growing pile of ocean rowing equipment in my living room is always a reminder that with every piece of the puzzle we put in place I get one step closer to the starting line, and consequently, the finish line in Antigua. 

Come talk to us and see the boat on Saturday, August 16th in Greenwich, CT on Greenwich Ave in front of the Senior Center (299 Greenwich Ave, Greenwich, CT 06830)