Sunday, June 15, 2008

Oarlock Issues Resolved

A few weeks ago my ongoing sea trials paid off for the first time when I snapped in half my port-side oarlock pin, the threaded piece that holds the oarlock itself vertical and allows the oarlock itself to rotate.

This gave me a good opportunity to rationalize the oarlock/rigger system as a whole and, with guidance from three-time ocean rower Simon Chalk, I'm back up an running with a much stronger setup that consists of a custom built 3/16" stainless steel plate on the gunnel and a backstay of the same material. I've also added beefed-up oarlock pins (12mm) that I think are made for Alden boats.

Special thanks to Bob Mills at New England Fiberglass in Norwalk, CT, who donated several hours of his time to the project and installed the new system free of charge. Bob's wife is a breast cancer survivor and he donated several hours of his time to the project by installing the new oarlock system free of charge.

Days to Departure: 169

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