Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New Equipment Sponsor - Fiorentino Para Anchors

I'm happy to announce that Fiorentino has come on as an equipment sponsor of Row for Hope and my 2,950 mile trans-Atlantic row for cancer research.  For everyone who has asked the question "What happens if there's a storm?", the answer is that I'll be deploying a Fiorentino paraanchor and then retreating to the cabin to get some rest. 

A paraanchor is basically an underwater parachute that when deployed will keep me from blowing backward too much during a storm or when the winds aren't blowing in the direction I want to go. It will also keep Liv's bow pointed into the waves which will keep her from rolling and/or capsizing. 

Zack at Fiorentino has some ideas for a customized approach and, at the same time he'll be building a similar setup for NASA's space capsules (really) he'll build something for Liv. More information from Fiorentino's website is below: 

"Established in 1958, Fiorentino is the exclusive manufacturer of the patented Offshore Parachute Sea Anchor with Para-Ring®, The  Para-Ring Drogue and the Fast-PAK®  Stowage System. Fiorentino's latest breakthrough in advanced para-anchor technology comes from extensive experience and a significant investment in research and development. Fiorentino parachute sea anchors are engineered by real-life offshore experts. Produced with exceptional quality, each para-anchor is meticulously manufactured and inspected by our master rigger before every shipment. Fiorentino parachute sea anchors delivers the type of performance and reliability that you would expect from your offshore and coastal survival equipment..."

Days to Departure: 173

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