Sunday, June 29, 2008

More Training

South Norwalk to Milford - 7 hours, 22.4 miles

It turned into a hot, muggy, and hazy day, and the 10-15 mph W to SW winds that were forecast never showed up. At 9:30AM I put on a shirt and some sunscreen (70 spf), which was a good idea as the temperature topped out over 90 degrees.

After breakfast, I made the mistake of rowing almost six hours straight (until 12:30), which was a mistake. The water I had brought tasted like it had sat in a rubber hose for a while (it had), which along with the heat left me feeling on the verge of puking for most of the trip. I also should have eaten much more while I was rowing, but the food I had needed to be cooked, and I didn't feel like stopping to boil water...not a good combination.

Notes for next time:
- Rest more
- Eat more
- Drink more
- Bring food that's easier to eat
- Bring cleaner water
- Don't fight the tides and Housatonic River after 7 hours of rowing

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