Thursday, April 9, 2009

Early Show Bumps Paul Again!

Paul's been bumped AGAIN from the CBS Early Show.

This time, though, they're taping something for later broadcast. When we have a firm time when it will be shown, we'll post it here. (Or we'll post the video itself.)

Thanks for being patient!


Anonymous said...

Bummer for all of you, but thank you for posting. I was able to turn off that awful interview with Levi Johnson!!

Susan T. said...

This makes me feel better that I didn't miss anything. I diligently watching Good Morning America between 7 and 8 a.m. this morning. Good Morning America. Wait.... Aaaarrrrggghhh,, NO!!!!

Anonymous said...

Do they know you just rowed the Atlantic Ocean?

The faithful members of your blog community know your story is far more interesting than "Fighting Bad Fat with Good Fat" or "Pleasing Palates on Passover."

K-Rock and #1 Wild Bill said...

OOOOOOHHHHHH Boy - They are gonna get a piece of mind. I am sharpening my poison pen as we speak. Bumped by the incoherent Alaskan who's only claim to fame is that he shot a bear at age 8 and fathered a child at age 18? Or the vapid females rising to the A List by organizing Divorce Parties? Way to set the priorities CBS! We all know who the real hero is...
xxoo and Happy Easter to all -

Wild Bill said...

Stupidly watched the show again.
Ugh !

I too shall write a note to CBS and let them know of my extreme displeasure of the topics chosen to bump RowForHope's message for.

I "pity the fool" that will receive my letter and attempt to call me about it.

Jack Loggins said...

Just saw the show. I applaude your efforts for cancer research. Unfortunately, they already know what causes cancer and they just collect money to do more research. There is a grass-roots movement in the USA of thousands of people that conquered cancer by taking control of their health without doctors and drugs. To learn more, get the DVD and book "Healing Cancer from Inside Out". This is not my book. It is developed by Mike Anderson. I followed the concepts presented and conquered heart disease and asthma. I am 65 and drug free.