Sunday, February 8, 2009

Day 39

Short update today. Winds are lighter (15 knots) than the last few days, but hopefully I can keep my progress in the range of 40-plus miles per day. Daytime mileage was good, but we'll see what I get during the night.

The full moon made for some nice night-time rowing to end the day. I don't generally row much at night, because by sunset I've always rowed 10 or so hours already, but when the moon is full it seems a shame to turn in without enjoying a little bright moonlight rowing.

The highlight today after dark was when a huge dorado that must have been over three feet long leaped out of the water right by the boat, three times back to back to back, with big belly-flop-style splashes in between. After the third splash, a half-dozen flying fish took off from where the dorado had landed and crossed right in front of me, landing 30 yards or so from where they took off. Very cool, as all were silhouettes viewed in the light of the full moon.

Thanks to all who have supported this expedition and important research at Yale Cancer Center with a donation to Row for Hope. If you haven't donated, or if you would consider donating again, it would be much appreciated. To donate online use the link in the upper right-hand corner of this page or visit



Dan said...

Night rowing sounds awesome. Is it tough to be out there in the waves and just the light of the moon. I would imagine that you could definitely be caught off guard if you cant see the waves coming.

Its great that you seem to have settled into a 40+ groove. I'm sure this will continue as you get more and more used to rowing those huge swells. Which by the way sounds pretty awesome as long as you can avoid getting crushed by the wave as often as possible!

curtis d. said...

Hey Paul, i'm a student of Mrs. Scalzo's class. It's a great thing your doing, raising 50,000 dollars, I hope you have a safe journey.

Wild Bill said...


I was in NYC tonight celkebrating a friend's birthday witha group of good friends who many are sialors, and I told them all of your undertaking this mission, and lo and beholf, you actually had talked to one of my close buddies, named David Heim who works for West Marine, when you were setting up the boat electronics prior to departure for the Canary Islands.

What a coincidence !!

Anyway, we all hoisted a few beverages in your honor, toasting your mission...

We'll hoist some more in the 'magic circle'on USL this summer in your honor...

Wild Bill
"The Cosmo King"

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,

It's interesting that you mention the moon because I was awakened around 4:20 this morning with the full moon lighting up my bedroom and it was beautiful! I wondered at the time if the moon phases we see are the same you're seeing since you're in the southern hemisphere. Guess you answered that question!!

You continue to amaze me with what you are doing and how great your attitude is! I can't imagine what it must be like to not see anything but birds and fish for so many days. Hopefully you'll keep your sanity and won't start reporting about conversations you're having with them! At least you're able to talk to humans which must be a big help. K-Rock keeps me posted on conversations you have with her family members.

I have a challange to everyone who is following your blog. Tax season is upon us and I challange everyone who gets a return to give 10% of it to Row For Hope!

Keep up the wonderful reports and great attitude. You truly are one of my heros!!

Friend of K-Rock

K-Rock and #1 Wild Bill said...

Hi Buddy - We love hearing about Moonlight Rowing. We were commenting on the gorgeous full moon as it was perched right over 53 Lincoln last night - hoping you were seeing the same. And Orion is starting to set for us - can you see it? That's the one with 3 stars in a row - 'the belt'. Your progress is super.It's almost time to put the champagne on ice - amazing. And I keep feeling like it's going to be downhill after that and the days will just fly by. Geographically speaking I guess that's not really the case, but it sure sounds good!Enjoy every minute of it - xxoo-

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,

This is a student from a High School in NYS! Our science class is doing projects. I admire what yours doing! Im the tpe that dosent like to be alone at all. And your alone everyday! I couldnt even image! And the reason why you are raising this money. It shows there are some people left in the world with a thing called a "heart." I just wanted to thank you personally because my Aunt had died from Cancer and I really think its nice that someone wants to do something to at least help! Well thanks lotss!

Susan said...

Hey Paul, thanks so much for the shout out yesterday - and I will definitely stay in touch, both during your row and in the future! Keep up the good work out there - it must be beautiful with all the fish jumping in the moonlight, etc!

I'll hope to see you at some event or another after your return - and in the meantime keep us in the loop about that halfway point - I could use some champagne about now so I'll def pop a bottle open for you! :)

Susan T.

Dan Pfeifer said...

Hi Paul,

Thanks so much for getting back to me. I just knew you had to be a Boy Scout! My son Christian (turns 16 on 2/18)is currently a Life Scout and is just starting to work on his Eagle project. It certainly is a great acheivement to become an Eagle but I think what you're doing takes the cake!

This Wed at our Troop eeting I'm going to try to have the boys post a few comments/questions for you. I want to get them involved as it should be an inspiration to them.

Keep up the good work out there and watch out for those big ships!

Dan Pfeifer

Sheila said...

Night rowing and the waves sound pretty tough. I thought of you the other day when I was in Fairfield County and remembered the afternoon we spent in Dan's pool and we all tried to climb on to the banana floaty! hahaha. I must admit i miss you making fun of me (haha) and I want to see this beard in person!


LovelyLL said...

Thought you'd enjoy knowing it's been all over the news that A-rod tested positive for steroids in 2003 and is now being referred to as A-roid, hahaha.