Thursday, February 12, 2009

Day 43

Today's update is in the form of some Q and A.

Rowing today was tough in the morning, but winds and seas picked up quite a bit in the afternoon and wind is now 15 knots plus. Still blowing a little more south than I'd like, but after three days of slow progress I'll take what I can get! Still focused on 40W, 50W, and Antigua!

> > How much sleep at night?
Hard to tell, 6-7 hours maybe? But I wake up 10 or so times a night when the boat is hit by a big wave or when cramped up from the confined sleeping space.

> > How much "downtime" each day?
If you don't count cooking/eating, it's maybe an hour in the afternoon and an hour and a half at night. A full hour is spent in the afternoon doing e-mails. An hour at night doing emails/blog. Another 20 minutes most nights watching an episode of The Office or Rob and Big

> > How much maintenance time?
Very little -- 20-30 minutes every other day.

> > How much water do you drink per day?
3 Liters or so, not including for cooking. Cooking is about 5 cups/day.

> > How do your planned calories stack up against actual expenditures?
Will count my consumption one of these days. I'm losing weight, so I am running a calorie deficit. Would guess deficit is 2000-2500 per day. The estimated hourly calorie burn while rowing is supposed to be 500-600.

> > What is the daily menu? Is any of the food cooked?
Breakfast is granola plus chocolate pudding mix and cheesecake mix (all from Mountain House), which with some water creates a delicious goopy calorie-packed breakast. Snacks are energy bars, nuts, trail mix, etc...lunch and dinner are cooked and freeze dried. Add two cups of hot water, wait 8 minutes and eat.

> > How is your food holding out?
I've got plenty of freeze dried food, going through the dinners at half the rate anticipated. I'm close to finishing my third week's worth, and have been out here for almost 6. I have 9 more bags, or at this rate 18 weeks worth, I think. Breakfasts are about as expected and should be fine. Candy bars are getting scarce, but I lost 1/2 or them or more due to water in the deck locker. Plenty of other stuff, though, not even touched. Energy bars out the wazoo.

> > How do you manage healing of cuts/blisters in the wet environment?
Everything takes forever to heal. Am able to treat some things, with special attention to backside, hands, and feet. The rest will heal in Antigua.

> > Do you fish?
Not yet. Maybe will later for fun, but usually would rather row towards home than screw around. Would throw the fish back anyway as I couldn't ever eat/use a 20+ pound Dorado.

> > How is that broken water maker working now?
It's been good for the past couple of weeks. I run it for 30 minutes every third day. Fingers still crossed. Don't trust it.

> > How about a daily weather report? is pretty accurate.

> > What is the water temperature?
Not sure - can look it up on I think.

> > What is the air temperature?

> > Wind chill?
Not much.

> > What are you wearing (for weather)?
Shirts and hat donated by Coolibar and are UV proof (thanks Coolibar!) Shorts are only worn between noon and 5PM for sun protection. These are regular JL Racing rowing shorts. Foul weather gear is a North Face Gore-tex shell jacket. No foul weather pants. Do have a one-piece survival suit, but it's really for emergencies only. If it's that bad out there I should be inside anyway.

> > Has it been raining?
Sprinkles are common, but nothing that would get me soaked.

> > How do you protect from sunburn (red heads have a problem with this)?
Lots of sunscreen and Coolibar clothes as described above.

> > What improvements or changes would you like to see on LIV2?
Many ideas, but no major changes. A king-sized bed would be nice!

> > How much electricity can you generate? Is it enough every day, or are you short some days?
Our solar panels are rated for 150 watt max output. Forward panel is 65w, rear is 85w. They provide plenty of power. I'm usually getting 13.0 volts or more from the batteries. I don't want to go below 12.4 or so, but have never been close, despite as much as three straight days of overcast weather.

> > How much battery capacity do you have?
2 x Lifeline brand 79 amp hour AGM marine deep cycle batteries.

> > Why wear socks?
I was getting blisters on my heels and toes early on, but socks prevent this mostly. The shoes are standard Vespoli rowng shoes and are bolted into the boat.

Thanks to all who have supported this expedition and important research at Yale Cancer Center with a donation to Row for Hope. If you haven't donated, or if you would consider donating again, it would be much appreciated. To donate online use the link in the upper right-hand corner of this page or visit



Anonymous said...

So Colgte friends, one more time ... today is Friday the 13th ... "Gate Day" .. a good day to donate $13, or multiples thereof, to the cause! Hit the Donate button now!!!

Lorilynn said...

Just wanted to let you know, I recruited some of my contacts on facebook to your cause. Some are now following your blog and hopefully making donations. Row On!

ΞЯІПП said...

Very interesting responses from the questions!

How close are you from nearing your half way point?

Erinn from Toronto (who wishes she was in a rowboat)

K-Rock and #1 Wild Bill said...

Hi Buddy - Nice post today - a great way to respond to all the common questions - this will make a nice chapter in The Book. Doesn't it amaze you that folks are so interested in the details of your day? People are Good. By knowing about water temps, rain, stars we all feel more connected to you and that helps us to 'cosmically' support you and give you strength - we're all here - can you feel us? No one is getting bored, no one is dropping off - more and more people are making time in their day to read your post and to comment back or at least add a prayer for you.We are so excited about the proximity to 'half-way' - I bet you'll hear the sound of champagne corks popping all over the world! xxoo-

Anonymous said...

I just started reading your blog bc a friend posted the site on her status, I was so sucked in that I had to start at the beginning and catch up.This took about an hour out of work but hey it was for a good cause right?! :) Anyways, I love what you are doing and am cheering for you from over here in Texas!
Sending you prayers!

Anonymous said...

so... when you say you only wear shorts between noon and 5pm... does that mean you are rowing bottom-less? Also, if you have so much food, just eat! Unless this is the craziest weight-loss program in history.

Anonymous said...

Talked our local Park Center/Fitness Center into letting me put up a "poster" on the Row. Hopefully that will generate more interest and more donations!

Good Rowing! Be Safe and Be Well!

AmyGrantismyHero! said...

Take a nakie pic with a well placed water bottle!

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,

From your blog yesterday, the fish that have a fin top & bottom..we called them "wobble fish", still don't know the real name for them..they also have huge lips !

Cath, "Atlantic Jack" 07/08

Keep paddling chap PS Dorado is mighty tasty if you're brave enough to haul one one board..we caught & devoured 2 of the buggers

Room213 said...

Hi Paul, our 6th grade class from Newark Valley, NY (just over the hill from Binghamton) follows your blog as a morning ritual and has been doing so since the Canary Islands. Often, the first request I will hear in the morning is "Let's check on Paul". You are showing kids each day that you can dream big, work hard and get things done. That's an incredible lesson :) They have been wanting to contribute money but weren't sure how to go about it, so they have begun to write a school newspaper with the intent of donating the sales to Row for Hope. So, thanks to you and your worthy mission, the kids are fired up and motivated to make a difference in their own way. We'll stay in touch...they have many questions for you... We admire your strength of character.
Mrs. Meagher's Homeroom

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul! I am a co-worker of Claires :-) How much money has been donated to date? I admire your drive!!

Anonymous said...

Keep it up Paul! You're doing tremendously!
Best, Rob U