Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Another long but productive day...

The title says it all - today was another full day at the boat with the whole team working non-stop to prepare the boat for what will hopefull be a Thursday morning departure. All of the most important projects are done and the boat will be lifted into the water tomorrow morning at 9AM. The rest of the day will be spent with some shopping for last-minute items and little projects on the boat that will be designed to make the first three days as straight-forward as possible for me, as I expect to be very seasick and exhausted while rowing my hardest to get clear of the Canary Island chain..

All for now, but I'll follow tomorrow with a longer description of what the first few exciting days will be like and what to look for after my departure in the critical week of the expedition. 



That Guy said...

Last minute gift idea.......a motor!

hope the locals are treating yas well. Think you should bring a watermelon on the boat so you can spike it.

P.s. Baz is dating Jasmine

Anonymous said...

Welp good luck buddy,

Ill drink a beer or six for you on christmas, just remember to be careful when you get to the edge of the water ya dont want to fall of the earth. Because as discussed on the Norwegian majesty the earth is flat.

Remeber the cardinal rules of the boys set forth by Joy and Be safe

K-Rock and Wild Bill said...

Seasick? Maybe we should have thought of that possibility sooner. Is it too late to turn this venture into a hike instead of a row? Granny's remedy for seasickness is ginger - see if you can find some candies anywhere - it's worked for Liz on many occasions. And a Thursday departure? I thought Fri or Sat - I'm not sure I'm prepared for Thursday... Hang in there..

JoAnn said...

Love you Paul! Good Luck! We're all praying for a FAST and safe row across the Atlantic! Your the best! Keep in touch! JoAnn @ GA

Anonymous said...

Good luck Paul, we'll be thinking about you in Minneapolis. For your sister's sake don't let your pride get in the way of sensibility.