Monday, December 22, 2008

Pictures from La Gomera

Below are some pictures from Saturday, when we rented a car and explored the interior of the island.

The top of the volcano that created La Gomera is home to some of the only tropical rainforest in Europe. Once you get over the hairpin turns and speeding tour busses, the scenery is amazing.

Liz, me, and Joy overlooking the Atlantic. My sweet sunglasses are thanks to The Rudy Project.

A view of a tiny farming village on the northern side of the island. Note the waves coming from the north -- the right direction for my row. North to Northeast winds should be common here at this time of year but are nowhere to be found at the moment.

Merry Christmas!


Lebedoff said...

The pictures look great, I hope that you are able to get rowing soon! I have been following your blog avidly, and I wish you the best of luck.


runswithscissors said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR! Even John sends his best! :D

Anonymous said...

Is that a special ocean-rowing beard? You will not attract any mermaids with that thing! ETS

whshz said...

Hey bud,

Pics looks great - looks like you're getting close. Best of luck - looks like Saager won the fantasy league so you're probably better off being in the ocean where you won't have to hear him gloat.



That Guy said...

dude, where's the tan? ya got the beard...where's the tan. The glasses are sweet though. If you happen to find a dolphin with a pair of silver rim eye glasses...steal them shits back for me!


Anonymous said...

Paul, that beard?? NO. Joy? Liz? You two have always been my inspirations of taste! Where did things go wrong??
And I can happily wish you a Merry Christmas back, because this is the first year where I will remain right-side-up during a family holiday. Oh also, I was baking cookies with Robina yesterday (jealous?) and we were wondering if you have Christmas carols on your iPod? That probably would have been a good investment, unlike that ridiculous beard. Man, I am never EVER going to let you live that one down!

JoAnn said...

Hey Paul - Government... UGH! :) MERRY CHRISTMAS and I hope this comment finds you resting after a 12 hour row! If not, keep that chin up, your journey is about to begin! XOXOXO JoAnn @ GA

Margaret said...

Hi Paul,

I have been following your blog and am looking forward to your (imminent?) departure. You are definitely a hero here at YCC!


Brent said...

I, for one, can respect a man with a beard. Don't let them get to you. It's an expression of our manhood. Even if it looks like the beard of a 14 year old boy.

Good luck kid, following this every day.

-Ridley Will Witness #1