Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The easy way to cross the Atlantic

Right now I'm sitting in the airport about to cross the Atlantic the
boring (but easier) way. I have a feeling the next time will be a
little more exciting...

Looking back, the last five days have been overwhelming, with emails,
text messages, and calls from friends, family, coworkers, press, and
complete strangers wishing me well. All of it has been a fantasic
reminder of how I've made it so close to the starting line for what is
sure to be an incredible adventure -- I've been lucky to have constant
encouragement and support, without which Row for Hope would have never
gotten off the ground.

Now enough of the sentimental stuff - I've haven't done anything yet,
and now it's time to earn it. Looking forward to a December 20th
departure !

Next time from the Canaries,


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