Monday, December 29, 2008

More Pictures

Sorry for no update yesterday, but I dont think you missed much - its really been the same routine. On a more interesting note, here are the pictures of the big Jesus statue that overlooks the town of San Sebastian, which I visited last week (Christmas Day, I think?).

Below is a view of the Atlantic looking South - the direction I´ll be heading immediately after rowing out of the marina. The first quarter or so of the trip should be a mix of South and South West. Progress in either direction will lessen my chances of getting clipped by the remnants of a low pressure system in the North Atlantic, and increase the likelihood of catching the equatorial trades that will help me make progess West to Antigua.

In other news, the weather window still looks pretty good for the end of next week. The winds from the North East are pretty weak to start, but should build through the weekend and continue until at least Monday (probably longer), which would give me a minimum of five days of good winds to get started.

The seas will likely still be coming from the North West (remants of a big low in the North Atlantic, and the South and West wind that will be here until Wednesday), but that shouldnt keep me from picking up some Southerly mileage when I finally get going. Waves are predicted in the 2-4 meter range, which on the Atlantic is still pretty small.

In the next day or two I´ll write with some details on the important decisions that will need to be made in the first few days out and what life on board will be like (as far as I can predict) for the first week.

Thanks for your continued support during this tedius part of the expedition -- it´ll get more interesting soon, I promise!



Tara said...

Hi Paul!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I'm holding CNY for you - don't worry, nothing but a feet of snow and gloomy skies.

PS - I'm enjoying your blog!!!

That Guy said...

dude, that's a big jesus statue....damn. another day at work with a lunchable to pass the time....hope you have the chance to enjoy some good processed cold cuts on the island.

Sheils said...

Does it look anything like the painting in my basement? haha