Saturday, December 27, 2008

Less than a week?

Short update today. The weather still looks promising for departure late next week. There's a good-sized low pressure system passing through Wednesday, after which the winds calm down on Thursday and start to bulid from the North on Friday and continuing through the weekend.

The challenge here in Gomera is still mostly to pass the time. I'm starting to get into a pattern of hanging around the boat in the morning, going for a run in the hills around town in the afternoon followed by a quick swim at one of San Sebastian's black sand beaches. Then its back up the hill for a shower before dinner, internet, a walk around town, and bed. Needless to say, this routine may not sound so bad after a couple of weeks out on the water...



That Guy said...

sounds very promising my friend. Hope there is at least one more trip to the bar in ya..pumped things are sand sounds awesome

Zack Bloom said...

hey buddy, how's it going out there? Sounds like it'd been a very frustrating weeks getting launched and out on the open water. However, hang in there- sounds like good weather is on the horizon and at least you didn't start the trip and immediately get pounded by the weather.

The Yankees are on a spending spree making them the hated yankees once again. he NY Post had a nice headline after Texiera signed with a picture of him, CC, and AJ saying, "The Empire Strikes back!" Boston fans are finally like the nervous, paranoid, waiting for doom fans of old. On paper it looks great, hopefully it all pans out on the field this year.

I hope you had a great Xmas; I'm sure it was very different for you this year, but things will return to normal next year and you will have done something pretty amazing and spectacular.

What is the best email address to write you? That's probably easier than the comment forum on your blog.

Anyway, hang in there and I am, along with everyone else around here, very proud of you and eagerly waiting your safe departure. Good luck!

Brian said...

Hope you had a great Christmas down there, here's to wishing you a safe and Happy New Year.