Friday, December 19, 2008


Here are some pictures from La Gomera.

- The view of the harbor from our apartment on the hill:

- This is from an interview that a Spanish TV station did with me on Tuesday. We´ll try to get a video from this up as well.

The ritual signing of the wall at the only pub in La Gomera -- The Blue Marlin. A tradition begun in 2003 and carried on by every ocean rower leaving from La Gomera:

More soon...



That Guy said...

I am pumped that Africa will forever have Your name on it. Give the gob'ment some cash and get on your way. What is the hold up?? Tell them they are third world and need to ship up and let you ship out. Pictures look amayezing though.

Anonymous said...

Your signature looks a little shaky. Is it a case of the nerves or a few pints? I hope the latter! Cheers, ETS

Gabby said...

I remember the first time you told me about this journey I thought you were crazy. Now, I'm totally inspired. I will eagerly be watching your progress and reading your blogs. May your mother's spirit guide you and keep you safe on your fantastic journey!!

K-Rock and Wild Bill said...

Not to worry - all will work itself out. I understand that Joy is in cell phone contact with the Little Mermaid...that should help a lot! Send Liz to talk to the authorities - she'll kick them with her J Crew shoes and they'll shape up! Keep the faith & be well - you are in our thoughts every minute of every day - xxoo

Katy said...

Paul, you have a scraggly red mustache and beard in that picture! That's how you're supposed to look at the other end of the journey!

Dan said...

Yeah, I must say, if thats a few days of growth I am pretty impressed, and also pretty pumped to see it after 60 more days.

Allyson said...

Hey Paul,
I was part of the small group that met at your house with Fred Bostrom, and know your Dad and Nadine as well. Saw the article in the Bing. Press, and am cheering you on! I have many wonderful memories of your Mom.
My son's a rower, too, at Binghamton Univ., so I really appreciate the discipline, commitment, and passion you have.
All the best!

Charles H said...

Hey Pal et al,

I'm sure you'll be able to shove off soon and enjoy some peace and quiet :-)

Merry Christmas to Joy and your Dad and you!

Charles @ NRRA

Sierra Dad said...

This waiting business might just be the worst part of the trip. Once you're off, it just you and the ocean. No rules you don't understand. My heart and your Mom's strength go with you.

Anonymous said...


Our thoughts and prayers are with you for the cause and the journey. So nice to see your Dad, Nadine and Joy at the Christmas service at CTK. Will keep a watch on you your progress.

Much Love & Blessings Phil and Margo Roberts, Binghamton, NY

Sheils said...

Paul! lol your face from your little window is priceless! haha... and of course I am way impressed with the Rob & Big "Do Work" scribble underneath! I love it! haha

Got all the season of Rob and Big, we can watch them when you get back! :)