Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Getting Comfortable

Hi everyone,

The expedition is entering a new phase early this week, as it has become a waiting game for a couple of reasons. As I´ve written about recently, I´m still in the process of waiting for my port clearances to be renewed by the Spanish authorities. We´ve known that this would be a hurdle we´d have to clear, but I remain optimistic that they´ll be taken care of in the next few business days, though of course the Christmas holiday will slow the process quite a bit.

The next issue is even further beyond my control -- the weather. To get clear of the Canary Islands I need at two or three days of wind from the North or Northeast. Fortunately, tradewinds from this direction are common at this time of year and should be increasing in regularity and strength as time goes on.

Unfortunately, Northeast winds are nowhere to be found. The weather forecast I use (http://www.passageweather.com/) goes out a week and shows that there are no signs of good weather through at least December 30th. In fact, there are very rare but strong winds (30+ knots) predicted from the West, of all places, that are associated with a huge low pressure system coming across the Atlantic, which will be here through early next week.

The map above is for next Tuesday :(

So, the next question is then ´What should I do to pass the time while I´m here by myself waiting for the weather to improve?´

On top of the ongoing training, small projects on the boat, and hanging around the dock, I´ve come up with a few options:

- Gomeran whistling language lessons (yes, this exists...)
- Raise pigeons (a neighbor in town does this)
- Get a job at La Gomera´s only pub, the Blue Marlin
- Buy and Santa costume and rent myself out for parties
- Watch my beard grow
- Spanish lessons
- Guitar/piano lessons

More ideas would be much appreciated...

Merry Christmas!



Anonymous said...

Give holiday row boat tours around the harbor...so romantic! ETS

JoAnn said...

Paul, I've seen you as a Santa, so I'd say, get that Santa outfit and a job at the bar and you'll make a killing! LOL! JoAnn @ GA

K-Rock and Wild Bill said...

How about a Whistling Santa? Is it possible to learn Dominick the Christmas Donkey in Whistle-Speak? That would be fabulous. Relax & enjoy - it may be your last chance for a while...
PS She's sleeping - it's going on 12 hours...

Anonymous said...

I second JoAnn's suggestion. I was there, too. Nobody beats Paul in a Santa suit! There's definite money to be made there.

fred said...

God bless you and Merry Christmas.
We will be in Antigua Feb 14-28. Hope to see you there. Do you know which Harbour you will be landing in. We are at Jolly Harbour. We live not far from Colgate(go gate)in West Winfield on route twenty.

Fred Jones

Regina said...

Hey Paul, Joy, and Liz!

Hope you're doing well and that the weather starts to turn in your favor! I'll be following you!!!


Joan M said...

You could have stayed here a little longer and helped out with IMF - Slacker!

That Guy said...

I'd recommend you spend the next few days ranking your fantasy players for next season...Perhaps you can start negotiations to bring Pudgies to the island. You could always side on the street with a cowboy hat singing shakira hoping for dollar bills.

All of which can be done with a G&T in hand

Mike said...

Paul - Good luck! I will publicize your trip to Potomac Boat Club in DC where I have been rowing off and on since graduation. You are an inspiration and an effing nut for doing this. Stay safe. Leg drive! -Mike McCarthy

That Guy said...

yankees land texiera 8 yrs 180million

Anonymous said...

Isn't life just full of frustrations. Patience, strength, knowledge and wisdom. These four words have definitely helped guide me along in life.

Saw the following that you may consider if you don't have any diving experience: There are a couple of diving schools on La Gomera, one in Valle Gran Rey
and one in Playa Santiago.

Seems like patience is the key word for now. Enjoy a walk on the beach for me! LFoale of NRRA

Robert McElligott said...

I am looking forward to see following you on your trip and i hope that you are not to lonly on christmas. I hope that you have a good time and merry chistmas and i hope you stay warm if it is cold out there.

Robert McElligott said...

I hope that you you are a yankee fan because i am a very big yankee fan and wow i cant believe how much we are going to be paying for Mark Texiera. It will be a killer for the soxs because they came very close to getting him and now look the yankees are most likly getting them

Katy said...

Oh lord! I'm not sure La Gomera is ready for "wandering hands Santa"! Let's stick to boats and beards. Ha!

Adventures of Greg said...

Paul - while you wait out the weather and the Spanish authorities, are you sleeping in Liv? If not, maybe you should - just to get accustomed to it - especially if the water in the harbor is a little wavy. It might make the first few days of your trip more manageable.

Anonymous said...

AYYY Merry Christmas buddy... Sitting at work at this point and time in my life pondering job oppertunities for yas.
1. I know its a spanish territory, but somebody must know patricia from mexico, they would hook you up with a job.
2. you could always set up a lemonade stand.
3. If all else fails you can put a hat out and start doing the dollar dance hoping they give you money.

be good and be safe


Joan M said...

Mark Ranta in very bad mood as of yesterday afternoon. I can attest that Sox Fans are not happy!!!!