Monday, March 2, 2009

Day 61

Another day in the books, again with pretty good mileage despite my fourth straight day of light winds, which leaves the boat feeling heavy and requires maximum effort on nearly every stroke to keep her moving. I've been lucky to have avoided too much in the way of nagging sore muscles, but the last four days of work on the oars have me sore and wincing my way through the day.

So, since all is well here and I'm in need of a recharge I'll keep this short. It's been great to get so many messages from everyone who saw the CNN interview yesterday. Either it went well or you all are too kind to criticize me while I'm out here on the ocean. I, of course, haven't seen it but am looking forward to watching it when I get to Antigua. Even so, your encouragement and entertainment keeps me going far better than hearing myself talk ever could!

Thats all for now, but I'll have some pictures for you tomorrow. Who wants to see what salt sores look like? I have some great examples on my legs that might need to be shared...

Thanks to all who have supported this expedition and important research at Yale Cancer Center with a donation to Row for Hope. If you haven't donated, or if you would consider donating again, it would be much appreciated. To donate online use the link in the upper right-hand corner of this page or visit



Anastasia said...

sounds weird but I'd like to see your pics of the salt sores

Claire said...

You're in luck.....I looooooooooooove salt sores!! Great hearing you on CNN yesterday, I think that is the longest I've ever watched that channel! haha, only for you!

Anonymous said...

You did really well on the CNN interview--we enjoyed watching it. Keeping daily track of your progress----it is very inspiring.

Florence Niermeyer

Imshaken said...

Dear Paul,

Best of luck with your endeavor! This is probably the adventure of your life, and may be a wonderful springboard to your future.


geno gardner

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,
As this month's community builder for my dorm's floor at Providence College I recommended your cause. Although it's hard to get money out of college students, I am making my best effort to raise awareness and have people donate. Keep up the good work, keep rowing!!

Jenny, Dan's sister

gh said...

just listened you on cnn. good show. keep it up!

Zack Bloom said...

So I had no idea you were going to be on CNN, but I was able to catch the interview in the archives on I'm glad this was the case tough because right near your interview, was another news story about pole dancing robots. I never would have stumbled upon this gem had I seen you on TV!

Keep up the good work!

Wild Bill said...


I just watched the video.

Great stuff !
Went well, in my opinion.

Salt sores, okay..

The northeast got HAMMERED today with a major snowstorm, dumping abouta foot of white stuff here on Long Island. It went right up the east coast, and amazingly, our forecasters nailed it to the amounts and times for my region.

Stay psoitive, and stay strong !!

Sarah said...

Paul, I happened upon your cnn bit online and was became intrigued by your cause, bravery and wow words cannot even express. After reading several of your old posts I thougt you could use a bit of extra encaouragement from a stranger (although it sounds like you are a highly self-motivated individual.) I can only imagine what 2 lonely months on the sea can do. What a truly amazing person you are, your mother must be extrememly proud of you. People will remember you Paul. You are making a difference in people's lives. Thank you for touching mine today.

Bryan Comer said...

Oh, I definitely wanna see some salt sores!

Actually, I was surprised that your hands are holding up so well. As a former coxswain for RIT Crew at the Rochester Institute of Technology, I've seen some nasty hands after a few weeks of practices, much less daily abuse.

I also hail from Binghamton, so it's pretty cool to see you out there doing something truly remarkable.

Keep up the good work, stay safe, and don't catch a crab!

P.S. Throw in a Power 10 for me.

thomas said...

Just heard about your journey for the 1st time on CNN unfortunately, caught up on all your blogs. this is CRAZY what your doing! (in a good way). I envy your commitment. Going to try to get the UCF community involved! will keep you up to date. Looking forward to your success.

Room 213 said...

Hi Paul, this is Mrs. Meagher's 6th grade class from Newark Valley...we are just wondering if your laptop is waterproof? How much food do you have left in the boat? What is the depth of the water you are in? Best of luck for the rest of the row.

K-Rock and #1Wild Bill said...

Hi Buddy - So, I'm reading this book - about a kid named Pi and his adventures at sea? Maybe you've heard of it? Talk about life imitating art! I just read the section about high drama where flying fish and birds and dorados are all whizzing around the boat. Your beard pics pretty much confirm that you really are out there and not just sitting in a bar in Greenwich making this stuff up - but wow! I waiver between feeling like I'm getting a better idea of what you're going through (minus the tiger)and well, crying, becasue of what you are going through. Good Times. Wild Bill would really like me to take up Romance Novels. You are doing an ab fab job out there. I guess it's about time you started feeling some muscle aches - nothing you can't wince through - it's all downhill from here! xxoo -

Anonymous said...

Go Gate!!!


Moody said...

Hi Paul,

just saw the CNN inspiring!! Are you doing any fishing while you're out there? I think you should keep a picture of your late mother on the solorow condolences. You're almost there...stay positive!

Row, row, row your boat...


Anonymous said...

the interview went well.... handled yourself well. not alot of punch lines one needs to be a stand up routine.

sounds like a good time so far. where's the fishing??


Anonymous said...

Dear Paul,
Survivor Atlantic!
Looks like you haven't been voted out yet! Row, Row, Row that boat.

Seriously, My class is all sorry to hear that you are dealing with salt sores! Yuck. But, I do have a question from them, with all of you navigation tools that you have aboard your boat, can you tell how deep the water is where you are?
You looked great on CNN and you sounded strong, brave and were an inspiration to us all.
Mrs. Black and her second graders

Anonymous said...

Keep going and stay strong!


simone said...

my body racked with pain
my dreams dried
in vain do I try to recover
the image of my whole
self cut in half~
So small the word, so heavy
the burden, so long the road
of diversion hill
The separation of me from myself ~
From you, from them, from all
unknown toward the unknown
together we climb, fall, fail
surrender until
you Bode me on again.

Carry on
carry me on
wings of tears
fears full empty
half gone
leave one ~ to bode me on
to carry on

Carry me on
pieces of peace

Full waves of hope carry me on.

Hi Paul

This is a poem that I wrote for my friend who has breast cancer. Your journey sounds like it was long before you got into your boat. May the joyful memories of your mom and the family that is pulling you back to shore carry you on.

Much admiration
Simone and my 3 boys

Anonymous said...

Dear Paul,
We are Mrs. Barber's 2nd grade class at MacArthur School in Binghamton. Today we looked at your blog and saw how far you have traveled. We have some questions for you: How do you keep the boat on track while you are sleeping? Have you seen any dolphins or stingrays? What kind of whale did you see? Do you like being out in the ocean alone? How do you get over the big waves? We are excited about what you are doing and we know you can make it!
We will keep reading about your trip!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ridley!!!
I heard your interview with CNN and it's great to hear your voice! When you get back we will all have to get together to celebrate...Great job with all that you have accomplished so far :)