Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day 71

This is the sixth day of bad rowing weather out here, and this is starting to get old. The forecast was for winds in the 10-15k range from the NW, NNW, and N, which is what I got. I tried rowing first thing in the morning with light winds from the NW, but was making next to no headway and was paying the price physically, so I went back on sea anchor a little before noon.

Interestingly enough, with the sea anchor out I was pulled to the north and slightly to the NE -- into the wind. Very strange, but I must have been in a current of some sort. I guess I'll take it though, as mileage to the North will likely be hard to come by with more winds forecast from the North tomorrow and roughly NE over the weekend and into next week. After today I hope to have seen the last of winds from the West, but as the direction slowly swings over to the North and then East I still expect several days of very challenging weather. It looks like all may return to normal by Tuesday of next week...

On a much more upbeat note, I know you all have enjoyed reading about my trans-Atlantic challenge, but now it's time for all of you rowers to have a challenge of your own! I'm ecstatic about this and hope that the rowing community will step up! Please also remember to forward this to your rowing club or team too...

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A Challenge to the Rowing Community

Do you row? Have you rowed? Do you know someone who rows? If so, here's a special challenge to you!

Taking inspiration from Paul Ridley's incredible solo row across the Atlantic, Bob Glendening has generously offered to match all new donations to from members of the rowing community. His generosity also stems from his family's devotion to rowing and its personal experience with cancer. The Glendening Boat House at Colgate was given by the family in 2004 in memory of his mother, who lost her battle with cancer in 2000.

So if you row and you want to show your support for a fellow rower who's crossing the Atlantic solo and unsupported, please consider an online donation to

Please be sure to add "Glendening Challenge" when completing the Gift Information section online at

Thanks, Bob!



Anonymous said...

Incredible and incredibly generous news from Bob Glendening. So, all of you 'Gaters out there... and friends of 'Gaters and Paul, make this 'Gate Day a big donation day ... multiples of $13!

Paul, be well, be safe and know that your success is only beginning.

Anonymous said...

Awesome, awesome news about Bob Glendening! I think it's about time I wrote an article for Fordham's newspaper about the row, and that should definitely be included. I'll drop you an email one of these days once I figure out the logistics...

Keep battling that wind! It's so good to hear that you're finally putting in some miles back at the oars- every mile is one closer to Antigua! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Paul! Maybe we'll see you rowing on the good old Susquehanna River soon!

Robina said...

I just passed along the great offer from Bob Glendening to people I know on the BU team and a couple high school clubs. Hopefully it'll result in more donations!
I can only imagine how frustrated you are with the weather, but the progress you've already made is incredible!
Hope you're keeping your spirits up and that the weather and wind start cooperating soon!

Zack Bloom said...

Hey bud-

Well normally I'd say, take your time and don't sweat the weather to much, you aren't missing anything that exciting back on land. However, you missed one hell of a Syracuse/Uconn game last night, Syracuse being the victors in 6 OT's!!!

Dave and Melissa were at Bobby V's watching it and I was at home, watching until 1:30 in the morning. We were hanging in the kitchen afterwards- Melissa wishing she had a double cheeseburger from McDonald's, and an inebriated Perlman dipping Veggie crackers into globs of Peanut butter, trying to convince us it was delicious.

We then all realized that we didn't have old man Ridley peaking out of his room to yell at us, hours after his bed time! Always ironic as your snoring typically is louder than any of us, but funny all the same. Get back here soon!

Anonymous said...

Happy Colgate Day Paul - keep your chin up and head down into the wind. You've come too far and accomplished too much to let a little crummy weather get you down...though Zack was right about you missing one a hell of a game last night!
Hope you're sporting some maroon out there! And special thanks to the Glendenning's for a beautiful boat house and a generous offer to match RFH funds.
You're coming down the home stretch...

Michael said...

Happy Colgate Day! I'm in for a multiple of 13, too!

Anonymous said...

Great news on the fundraising front. I am fascinated with the pinkish blob--think it might be a Portugeuse Man of War (don't touch). Hope today's a better day of rowing for you!

Anonymous said...

Happy Colgate Day!!

I'm working hard on your rower challenge, especially on the Colgate Front.

To catch up on a few posts, "How Far We've Come" by Matchbox Twenty and "Thanks for the Memories" by Fall out Boy are two of my work out staples, I'm glad they're helping you as well.

Do you have a new ETA now that you're on your way again? Sadly I can't come meet you but I can be there in spirit!

I have no idea what that pink thing is but stay out of the water when it's around. I'm not the SciFi expert but I have been forced to watch a few SciFi channel marathons and I think I saw something like that once. Keep an eye out!

Keep up the good work, you're almost home!


K-Rock & #1Wild Bill said...

Hi Buddy - Great news on the fundraising effort - thanks to all who continue to offer support in so many ways! So, did we tell you we put a weather vane on the garage roof at 56 Lincoln? It's a big old rooster - looks pretty cool. Well, we've been out there everyday throwing rocks at his copper feathers in an attempt to change the wind - maybe we've finally got him pointed in the right direction! Like I've said before, we're doing everything we possibly can!!! Head in the game, ass in the boat - AND DON"T TOUCH THE JELLYFISH !!!xxoo -

Anonymous said...


Here's an e-mail I received from your cousin Caroline -- the one who's a teacher in Florida. Thought I'd pass it on to you.
Love and brownies, Nadine

Hi Aunt Nadine-
I wanted to write you real quick to tell you that I did a lesson about Paul with one of my Spanish classes this week. I had them read the article in Spanish that you sent me and summarize it. Then, at the end of class, I showed them his clip from CNN/ pictures/ blog. I didn't tell my students that he was a part of my family until the end of class, and they FREAKED out. First of all, my students didn't think anyone that cool could be remotely related to me...hahahaha (little do they know our family is full of very cool people). Second of all, they said it was the most incredible story they've ever heard, so now we do weekly updates on Paul. My students were so moved by his journey and have subsiquently told everyone they know about him. Let Paul know that he now has a bunch of 15 year olds in St. Petersburg FL rooting him on. I have to run, but I hope all is well in NY. oh yea.....are you going to antigua for Paul's arrival?

Much love,

Zack Bloom said...


Apparently a few of the teachers at DHS who were browsing your blog today agreed that the picture of that fish you were uncertain of very well might be a portuguese man of war. DO NOT TOUCH OR GO NEAR IT!!!

Anonymous said...

Be careful, according to Wikipedia, where there’s one Portuguese man of war, there are usually others.

Peter Lamothe said...

Hi Paul!

I've had the pleasure of speaking with Bob Glendening '71 and helping to set up his challenge grant.

Like so many, he is inspired by your journey and asked me just now to say "you're very welcome" to your "thank you."

And he signs his emails "Take care, be safe, go Paul! ' 05. bobglen ' 71"

Ellen said...

As a kayaker, I'm awed by your journey. As the Director of Cancer Genetic Counseling, I'm grateful for what you're doing for our patients and programs. Thank you.

Safe travels!!!

Ellen Matloff