Saturday, March 7, 2009

Day 66

Hi from the Atlantic, on a day that is notable for the way I didn't spend it -- rowing!

Well, that's not entirely true, since I made attempts at rowing for parts of three or four hours, but since I made no progress in the right direction it shouldn't count. Winds overnight were directly from the South, and by sunrise when I hit the oars they had shifted to coming from the SW, the direction of Antigua, actually (or, more likely, the Barbados area). As I think I wrote yesterday, they'll be swinging around tomorrow and Monday to come from the West and Northwest before coming from the North on Tuesday, and eventually the normal ENE direction by Friday morning.

The sea anchor went out at 1:30 PM GMT today and has been out ever since. The reality at the moment is that I will likely be on sea anchor and slowly drifting North and East with the wind until Tuesday, unless the forecast improves. That would mean the loss of three days I could have spent rowing and making progress toward Antigua, and arriving three days later than I otherwise would have. Not a happy situation for me, or for my friends/family who are trying to book flights to come meet me!

I could write at length about where this leaves me psychologically, but for now I think it will suffice to say that anyone who's familiar with being human can imagine how I feel about sitting in the cabin going nowhere for three days, after being at sea for as long as I have been.

Like everything else this expedition has thrown my way, I'll deal with it and move on when the time comes. In the meantime, here's hoping I don't drift too far North and East, away from Antigua. I think that Brooklyn would rather I row during the day, too - the cabin is too small for us both to spend much time in, and she hasn't showered in 66 days either. Gross!

I'll talk about the shark tomorrow, along with some other wildlife (and pictures) that I've been meaning to write about. Thanks again for the continued encouragement -- it goes a long way on days like these!

Thanks to all who have supported this expedition and important research at Yale Cancer Center with a donation to Row for Hope. If you haven't donated, or if you would consider donating again, it would be much appreciated. To donate online use the link in the upper right-hand corner of this page or visit



Claire said...

Pretty sure I know someone else who hasn't showered in 66 days...........hahaa, I know you're bummed about not being able to row, but maybe it will give your sores a chance to heal a bit? You're doing an amazing job! xoxxx

Anonymous said...

Hang in there buddy! Of course we're all hoping you get sent too far north or east. Maybe this will give you a chance to rest and heal a little bit.

Can't wait to hear about the shark.

Anonymous said...

Oooops!!!! That was supposed to say "DON'T get sent too far north or east"!!

Vikki said...

Since you might have more idle time on your hands than you wish over the next few days, I thought some words of encouragement from a fellow Colgate alum might do some good. You've come too far to let a little wind get you down. You're resilient, there is no doubt about that. You're strong. You've got your head in the game. You can tough this one out. Keep the spirits high and the rest will follow. God bless.
Vikki, Colgate '86

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul, you're almost there, hang in there. Take care of those sores, ouch, I don't want you coming back to the office and throwing your feet up to show off your wounds like usual! Looking forward to hearing the tales. Godspeed. Eileen

Anonymous said...

Hey dude,

Time to make lemonade out of lemons. Top 10 Reasons to enjoy 3 day at sea anchor in your cabin.
10. A great time to count the number of Cliff Bars left.
9. Practice your arrival speeches
8. Let things heal up....
7. Gain some weight!
6. Learn all the words of your entire Ipod
5. Yoga
4. Do a blind taste testing of all the types of meals and see if they truly taste the same.
3. Practice putting braids in your beard.
2. Log all the different odors eminating from the cabin.

and the number one reason that 3 Days at Sea Anchor Rock your World.....drum roll......

1. Quality time with Brooklyn.

(cue music from David Letterman)

Seriously, you may not be moving towards the goal physically, but to us, you are in constant motion towards the Row for Hope goal. Every stroke counts, it doesn't matter which way you went.

Keep the faith!


Wild Bill [fishnwilly] said...

Hang tough , Paul !!

It's just a short setback, but in the overall picture, you have done phenomenally !!

Keep your spirits up, and take this chance to rest and heal up.
Hopefully, You be all healed up, so when your doing the "drunken Ridley bad victory dancing" at Antigua's victory party, people will not be all skeeved by your salt sores.

Keep up your spirits up, and enjoy some 'quality time" with babalicious Brooklyn.


Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,

Every major undertaking has it's setbacks but and although you may not understand why you're having them, I know you have faith that God will see you through this. Just remember your mom is with you and watching over you. Keep up the great job you're doing even if the winds and seas aren't cooperating for the time being. You've got lots of people praying for you and you WILL make it!

A Friend of K-Rock

K-Rock and #1 Wild Bill said...

Hi Buddy - The weather at the beginning of the trip was lousy - I guess it was to be expected that the weather at the end would be less than perfect. You've heard it all - get some rest so when the winds do come your way you can do the sprint - dry out a little and heal up some of the sores - eat 6 or 7 meals a day, maybe there's something in there you haven't tried yet? This is just one more small bump on your road - literally a speed bump I guess. But nothing you can't handle - stay strong - xxoo-