Sunday, March 8, 2009

Travel Alert for Friends and Family

Hi! It's Paul's dad, with an alert for friends and family who may be planning to meet Paul in Antigua. When I talked with Paul tonight, he wanted me to make sure that everyone is aware of how the wind situation is changing his estimated arrival time in Antigua.

Right now he's about 700 miles from port, and under normal circumstances he could probably cover that distance in 14 days, give or take a day. Unfortunately, there's no way to know for sure when he'll be able to start rowing west again (remember, the only mileage that makes any real difference is mileage toward the west).

Bottom Line: The safest thing would be not to book any reservations until we see Paul making steady progress west again; even then, a lot can happen in the remaining two weeks!

See you in Antigua (eventually)!

Mark Ridley

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Anonymous said...

Keep up the outstanding work! Your trip is one of a lifetime. We, in the Yale
Cancer Center, are enormously proud of your efforts!
Cathy Vellucci