Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Day 69

A happy day on board Liv today, as it was spent almost entirely rowing! I woke up to very light winds from the north and pulled up the sea anchor after taking some video of an enormous black bird that I've now seen twice around the boat. This must be the Pterodactyl (sp?) that Cath was referring to, and I'm pretty sure that it could have eaten me if it felt like it. More on this in my wildlife update tomorrow (yes, I know I said it'd be today).

After getting an updated weather report yesterday, I wasn't expecting to get a good day of rowing in until tomorrow at the earliest, and possibly as late as Sunday. Imagine my surprise then to have made 27 nm in a day shortened by my fourth trip under the boat to scrape barnacles (there turned out not too much to scrape, but better to do it too much than too little) and wind from an odd direction and no greater than the 5-10k range. I added another 5 miles in my "overtime" shift to get me to 32 nm for the day and now further West than I had been on Friday before the winds turned against me.

Physically, I felt great early on and my muscle soreness was all but absent from my morning shift. Some has returned by now, but even so I can tell that my three days of rest helped me physically. The salt sores on my legs are starting to look better, too.

Anyway, it's just about 1 AM and I'm spent. Will talk about wildlife tomorrow. Trust me, the picture of the pink floating booger-animal is worth the wait!

Brady C at BHS -- I thought a lot about this today and decided that these two regulars from my rowing play,lists might be good - "How Far We've Come" by Matchbox Twenty and "Thanks for the Memories" by Fall out Boy. What do you think? I could come up with many other favorites but I'm not sure you'd want George Strait in the background of your video!

Thanks to all who have supported this expedition and important research at Yale Cancer Center with a donation to Row for Hope. If you haven't donated, or if you would consider donating again, it would be much appreciated. To donate online use the link in the upper right-hand corner of this page or visit www.rowforhope.com.



Wild Bill said...


Well it's good to hear that you got back on schedule by rowing, and stopped all that "lolly-gagging" you've been doing ! [LMAO]
Are you certain that break in rowing was like a little "late-night down time on Green Island"
That's great to hear you that got such favorable wind conditions and were able to make up so much mileage.

Stay strong, and Godspeed !

Anonymous said...

Hiya Paul,

Sorry, was using my own words for the giant birdy.. it always scared the living crap out of me, looked like something pre-historic ! It's actually called a Frigate bird, there's huge nesting colonies in the islands especially on Antigua

Keep eating, keep paddling :-)

Cath, Atlantic 07/08

K-Rock and #1 Wild Bill said...

Hi Buddy - WAHOOOOOOOO!!!! Don't waste time reading/hearing comments from us - rest & row - See you soon - xxoo -
PS I did not miss a posting day - I did a 68 but it never showed up - me & teknolgy don't always get along...

Anonymous said...


It's great to read that you are back on track! Keep up all the hard work. You will be relaxing on the beach in no time.


Anonymous said...

Just saw the twitter update. 25 miles in the right direction is not disappointing ... it's progress. One of your wise bloggers has continually reminded you that slow and steady wins the race. You're doing great!! AND, according to http://www.woodvale-challenge.com/Paul+Ridley+Progress you're closing right in on 17 North - Antigua here you come! Was at Colgate over the weekend and snatched one of the posters used to promote the Theta Chi fundraiser ... it's now hanging in our Park Center Fitness Center - a little bit doctored ... no longer advertising the party with great food! :)But, definitely urging people to visit and donate. Hope it helps! Hang in there; you'll be on the beach in no time now. Look at what you've already done!

Be well. Be safe and Row hard!

Anonymous said...


Got some more magnetic signs for cars mailed 2 off to Conn. Joy if you want any let your Dad know and we'll get you some.

Keep up the great work Paul, we know it's down hill from here (has to be with all you have been thru).

61 degrees plus in Bingo today. Keep looking for robins haven't seen any yet??

We're with you in spirit.

Prayers are still going!

Take Care,

Phil & Margo

Anonymous said...


If you're like me, you start to push harder when you get close to a goal. Especially when you are making up for lost time. A word to the wise--you are close, you have come so far--don't risk an injury now due to over-exertion. That would blow a lot harder than NE breezes!

Steady as she goes, and keep kicking ass!

Anonymous said...

Just remember that you need hair from your beard to tie the shells of two sea turtles for the rest of the journey

captain jack

Lexi From Binghamton said...

Hey Paul, i am sure it gets lonley out there on the boat so i thought alot about sending you this comment to help pass the time...A few days this week all of the classes i attended did one thing..write to you..it was after the Math exam and that was super boaring...anyway we all put in abput $1 toward your chrity from us a West Middle.....Hopefully it helped..if not..tell us we'll send more!.....We're all rooting for you Paul!...... Keep GOING!!! 8)...