Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day 64

Hi again, everyone-

First a big thanks to my good friend and roommate Melissa for yesterday's guest blog post. It gave me a short reprive in celebration of crossing 50W, which happened last night. As of this afternoon I'm 650 nautical miles from English Harbor, Antigua! You may remember that I was worried a while back about being blown too far South. Well, as has been a pattern on this expedition, now I'm a little worried about being blown too far North! I really will never be satisfied with what the weather brings. Not a big deal though, as I'm only 20nm North of English Harbor and when the winds come from the usual Easterly or ENE direction I'll be able to take it all back in a day or two.

The crossing of 50W also indicates that this row is entering its final stage -- the sprint to the finish! While in most rowing races the sprint begins 300 meters from the finish line, I started mine last night, which I think was roughly 15-16 days from the end. My goal will be to add two hours, or roughly five miles, of rowing after dark. This will get me up to about 13 hours of rowing a day, which is going to be a challenge both physically and mentally. Last night went well, but tonight was tougher. I'm trying to better organize my chores around the boat (including my writing of blog posts) in hopes of finding a few extra mintues of sleep each night. If I can pull it off, the sprint I describe above will get me into Antigua a full two days earlier than I otherwise would. What better motivation is there than that?

I realized that I never showed you what the cabin looked like from the outside, so there's a picture below. This is my bed, the office from which I send all of these posts, and my home for the last 64 days. The concept for the boat was "minimal accomodation for a single rower" - do you think we achieved it?

Thanks to all who have supported this expedition and important research at Yale Cancer Center with a donation to Row for Hope. If you haven't donated, or if you would consider donating again, it would be much appreciated. To donate online use the link in the upper right-hand corner of this page or visit



atp said...

I don't think I can provide any inspirational words in this post, but I thought it would be cool to be the first one to post.

Even though we gave you years of grief, and constantly joked about the over-under, all of your colleagues are inspired and impressed. Only a few more days until you back here in ct toasting to an amazing journey – and eating at “The Grill.” Keep up the amazing job.

-Your neighbor at work (Andrew)

Anonymous said...

WOW 15 days makes it feel like tomorrow. I will have to find a new blog to get attached to! Seriously, i look forward everyday to reading how your day has gone. It's so exciting you are towards the end of your journey....soooo close.......

Anonymous said...

I know I'm a few days late to the party but it was so good to hear your voice on CNN! To everyone else you're just some news story but to us it's you. I don't know if that made sense but I think you get the gist.

As for the 15 days left, we better start cleaning the house, it may take that long to find the carpet again to celebrate you're arrival!

How is the night rowing going? I just discovered the gym at night and it's really enlightening (not that I could pry myself out of bed to go today) but it can be refreshing to clear your head at night. Although I guess you already have 10 hours a day to clear your head, what's two more!

I miss you, I have to admit I shed a happy tear listening to you online, get back soon!!


Regina said...

Hey Paul,

Glad to hear things are going so well!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,

don't worry too much about staying North, we stayed North of E. Harbour pretty much all the way over, then came in bang on 17N. Your dominant winds will be NE/E with an occasional SE (horrible, very frustrating!)so it's much easier to go South if you need to than to drag yourself North

Seen those Pterodactyl birds yet??

Cath, Atlantic 07/08

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,
You are getting so close to Antiqua that I am sure you can hear all the 8th graders from Newark Valley cheering you on. I have them brainstorming ideas for a fund raiser - will let you know what we decide on.
Keep rowing hard.
Keeping you in my prayers.
Denise Scalzo

Anonymous said...

Paul, It's hard to imagine only 15 days till land fall! It's even harder to imagine where you've been for the last 64! Stay safe! Godspeed -- ETS

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,

Another milestone and they should be coming closer together now. You are remarkable and I hope I get to give you a hug one of these days! You've certainly proved to a lot of people that you can do anything you put your heart, mind and soul into doing and I'm sure you've inspired others to take on things they have longed to do but never thought they could. I hope there will be a book from this and I can't wait to read it!

It won't be long before you'll be counting down the hours instead of the days! God speed and you are constantly in my prayers.

A Friend of K-Rock

Bill R said...


The Snow Row gang is in awe and rooting for you.

A 2 week sprint to the finish - truly Corinthian.

Enjoy the final leg.

Row Hard - No Excuses

Anonymous said...

My husband was the first in our house to see that you were on CNN. He made me stop what I was doing so that he could show me "something on the computer." I was thrilled to see the coverage you got, and I, too, thought it was great to hear your voice.

I can't believe how close you are to the end! That's WONDERFUL!!! You have so much to be proud of - more than I think you realize.

When you write the book, I will certainly buy it! Would you sign it for me?

I can't wait to see you back here at GA!

- Denise (at GA)

Chrissy said...

Hi, Paul!

I've been following your blog thanks to Keely (who posts links religiously). What an amazing effort and experience. I returned from Peace Corps in December, so wasn't really aware of your efforts until you started out but it's been amazing to follow. I wish you all the best as you reach the end!

Chrissy Hart

Anonymous said...

cant wait to drink a beer for yas, will have one at parade day this weekend for yas.


brady said...

hey paul, my name is Brady Curley and i am a student at Binghamton high school and our enviromental science class is tracking our progress and the group in my class interviwed peopple at out school asking them what they think about your row and we put all these together and made a mini movie and we were intersted in putting some of your favorite songs as the backround do you think you can fill us in on some of these??

thank you

K-Rock and #1Wild Bill said...

Hi Buddy - It's really been 64 days worth of milestones. Each and every day's effort has kept you moving towards your goal. Really amazing. You know the routine that got you this far - stick to it. Slow and steady wins the race. These next couple of weeks are still long weeks - but with a clear end in sight. You have done great - keep it up!xxoo-

Anonymous said...

And the countdown begins! In no time, it'll be single digits and then you'll be on land! Wow. Amazing.

I enjoyed your Colgate Conversations podcast on the Colgate website.

Everyone is cheering you on from alma mater!


Marc Frankel said...

Hey Paul,

I gotta say, I'm blown away by your journey and proud to have even rowed with you briefly up at school. This is a terrific feat, and I'd love to hear your stories once you make it back to Connecticut.

All the best, and be safe.


Sheila said...

Hey Paul!!
Keep it up. Your hard work and night rowing will pay off and we'll get to see you sooner. Can't wait!


Anonymous said...


You are getting so close to your goal.
Enjoy the days ahead!
I hope your family have reserved you a very LARGE room at the hotel when you arrive. You deserve it!
Take care,

Wild Bill said...


Congrats on crossing yet another milestone on this epic journey you have undertaken.

Goodspeed, and continued good luck.

The promised 'magic circle' cocktail is that much closer.
I'll fix it for you when I see you next.

Anonymous said...

the cabin looks great there a hanger to throw in there? i'll get one for yas.

big finish....stop playing the crowd and row your hardest!