Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day 74

A pleasant and reasonably productive day on the oars today. I dodged some ominous-looking squalls in the morning, but the afternoon was great with 10-15 kt winds and a good mix of sun and the occasional cloud to provide some shade. Mileage was better, and I made 27.5 nm to the West and also took back 4 miles to the North that I had given up overnight. Now all I need is some decent nighttime mileage and I'll have a good all-around day in the books -- we'll see. I feel like nighttime mileage has been spotty for the last couple of weeks, but hopefully this will change with the more consistent 15-20 kt winds that are in the forecast.

That's about it for today -- short update. We didn't learn our lesson after predicting arrival dates a week and a half ago, only to see them go up in smoke after last week's horrible delays. It looks like the new window is around March 27-29th. We'll know better in a few days, when we have a forecast that covers the whole period.

I saw another plane tonight, around sunset. Somehow it snuck behind me and I didn't see it until it was nearly gone, but I still got to watch for a few minutes. With a ship sighting yesterday and the plane today, it feels like Grand Central Station out here....

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A Challenge to the Rowing Community

Do you row? Have you rowed? Do you know someone who rows? If so, here's a special challenge to you!

Taking inspiration from Paul Ridley's incredible solo row across the Atlantic, Bob Glendening has generously offered to match all new donations to from members of the rowing community. His generosity also stems from his family's devotion to rowing and its personal experience with cancer. The Glendening Boat House at Colgate was given by the family in 2004 in memory of his mother, who lost her battle with cancer in 2000.

So if you row and you want to show your support for a fellow rower who's crossing the Atlantic solo and unsupported, please consider an online donation to

Please be sure to add "Glendening Challenge" when completing the Gift Information section online at

Thanks, Bob!



Anonymous said...

You are almost there! Keep up the good work! Everyone in Michigan is rooting for you.

I was wondering if you could see the Space Shuttle roaring into orbit. It took off from the Easter Florida coast Sunday night at about 7:45PM EST. I would think you would have a nice vantage point from where you are now.

Anonymous said...

sooo close buddy, keep going


Anonymous said...

Good Morning, Paul!

Glad to see you're making good progress now and that you have less than 8 degrees to go!

I imagine as you get closer to your destination, you'll see many more signs of human life. Hopefully this will give you added strength to make the last 'few' miles (compared to what you've completed already).

Keep up the great job. You're in my thoughts and prayers throughout each day!

A Friend of K-Rock

brady said...

haha tho's are fine i understand

brady curley

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul,

It sounds like you are in great spirits! That's awesome! Can you believe that you've almost completed this thing? Those of us armchair quarterbacks really have no clue of the real efforts you've taken. All we can do is enjoy your posts and anxiously await your return.

We're still backing you and the donations are still coming in. My stimulus package is almost here too :-)

Keep that lasso in your pants and stay away from the floating boogers. My best to you and Brooklyn. Have you dropped her an email yet?

Keep the faith,

K-Rock and #1 Wild Bill said...

Hi Buddy - Things are definitley looking up!Good weekend rowing days and the news from today is for more forward progress - excellent!I feel like your supporters are all collectively 'leaning' in the right direction to try and tip the world in your favor. So many are going to need a new hobby when this is over. Between following you on the row and now setting up March Madness pools, the US GNP is headed for the dumps again! Bingo U to play Duke in the NCAA Tourney - big fun-and you think you faced a big challenge! The Bearcat Boys might want to take a lesson from you! xxoo -

gh said...

Yeah - Keep up the good work man! You are almost there!