Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day 10

Day 10 in the books...double digits now which is some kind of progress at least. Also crossed 24 degrees N, and there are several days of winds coming in from the east so I should be able grab some western mileage as well.

A little bit about wildlife -- Laura and Alexander, plus Katy, Chris, Dan, Anna, and Zara, sorry no sharks yet, not sure if thats a bad thing. I watched shark week on Discovery and could do without a real-life encounter. Doesn't rule out a swim down the line though. Stay tuned.

Today I saw two big turtles. As slow as I'm going when I'm rowing they were going slower so sorry no pictures. They were big, with shells a little smaller than a garbage can lid (a few feet across?) and were a light brown in color. Anyone know what kind they might have been? I'm hoping for Ridley Sea Turtles...yes, these actually exist.

I also have a little black bird that I've seen every day since Day 2. If he sticks around long enough for me to come up with one I'll name him -- suggestions welcome. His wings are maybe a foot across, mostly black with a few white tail feathers. He's also got a v-shape in lighter feathers over his back and wings. Some kind of petrel maybe? Did I make that up? I'll try to get a picture...

Nancy - I hear the water's around 70-75 where i am, which means its just above freezing when it hits my face.
Devon H - so far I've been rowing about 10 hours per day. 830AM to 130PM, then 3PM to 8PM or so.

Looking forward to an update on the football playoffs too...




Katie said...

Keep up the good work, Paul! Watch out for an ocean swimmer out there! Apparently there is this woman attempting to swim across the Atlantic behind a sailboat named Jennifer Figge!!

Wild Bill said...

Hey Paul,

Wild Bill from Colgate Camp, living here on Long Island wishing you well. If you end up coming this way instead of Antigua, just call me, I'll come pick you up with my truck and meet you at the beach. Watch for cruise ships and commecial ships coming out of NY harbor, because I am just east of NYC.

I was wondering why Joy was not swimming behind you {LOL}, like so many times I have seen you two in the early morn we have all been out on the waters, with me fishing, you rowing, and Joy swimming. Hey JOY, what's up with that , huh ?

I also noticed from watching the online course plotter that there was quite a number of island hopping stops while in the Canaries. Did you hit EVERY bar there before setting to the task ? Comer on, fess up...{LOL}

Goodspeed and Good Luck !!

Anonymous said...


Glad to see you're making some significant progress. It's Saturday night here on the eat coast, the Raven just took down the Titans 13-10. The Carolina v. Arizona game is about to kickoff.

Glad to see you're adjusting to life out on the high seas. If you care to hop a plane back to GA it would be greatly appreciated, we can find some work for you to do. Lastly, we on the IM have discussed amongst ourselves and have come to this conclusion, if you can't get a lady friend after this awesome journey...well we will be out of suggestions.

Keep up the good work,

Anonymous said...

well if you like 7 inches of snow on the highway and a 360 right by the mall...then i will trade you straight up.

should of tied the two sea turtles together w/ hair from your bead and road them into the caribbean!!

Captain jack....n coke

Sounds like a good mix


Anonymous said...


Nice progress your making. I've followed your path daily with a lot of others.

What I really want know is have any Mermaids visited you? Come on now, you can tell us...

Row Hard, No Excuses.
Bill R.

Brent said...

Just thought you should know the Baltimore Ravens are in the AFC Championship. Perhaps you can call your bird-friend Ed Reed? Keep it up bud, it sounds like everything is going great.

Dan said...

The Cardinals just smacked the heavily favored Panthers 33-13 on the road in Carolina.

Aaaand, it just snowed a foot in Chicago... kind of wish I was crossing 24 N Latitude with you.

Anonymous said...

If you need to raise more money let me know and I'll bring my ring. Worked well that time when the girl fell out of the tree.


Anonymous said...


The turtles that you saw may very well be Olive Ridley Turtles which do live in the Atlantic Ocean, and are the size and color that you described.

I am curious as to what type of fish you have been seeing[or descriptions of them], and myself being an angler, are they biting ?? {LOL}

I'd love to see photos of any creatures and fish that you encounter on this monumental voyage that you have undertaken.

Hope all is well with you, and that your spirits [and body] are strong.

K-Rock & Wild Bill said...

Row, Row, least it's not shovel, shovel, shovel. Lincoln Ave is covered with about a foot of the white stuff - you're not missing anything fun here. I'll ask Aunt Jane to look up the bird - she's good at that stuff. We'll keep you posted. Giants-Eagles up at 1PM - it could be a rough one. So far all the underdogs have prevailed big time - that's gonna give the Eagles wings.Keep up the good pace and try to be good to yourself.xxoo

Pebs said...

Well, I'll give you the football updates. Baltimore kicked a field goal in the last few minutes to win. The Cardinals punished Carolina. today the giants play the eagles and the steelers play san diego...its german for a whales vagina. I'll let you know the outcome.


Anonymous said...

Paul - Both Mr. Behan and myself read your blog daily to check your progress. Sounds like all is going well with you. Our prayers are with you for your good health and safety. Mrs. Behan

Robina said...

Hey Paul,
I'm loving reading your blog and so impressed by what you're doing. I can't wait to hear all about it at happy hour this year where Anna and I will finally be present.
Stay safe,

Aunt Jane said...

Sounds like you are doing great! Our love and best wishes are with you. The bird is probably a storm petrel - maybe a Wilson's, if it has a squared-off tail, or a Leach's if the tail is forked. The feet are webbed (the Wilson's has yellow webs), a hooked bill and tubular nostrils. As it flutters and hovers over the water, it will patter its feet on the water. These birds spend their lives over the water and only come to land to breed, which we will take about when you are older.

Melissa M said...

Turtles! Just like in Life of Pi. (Well minus the tiger haha)! Miss you muchly

Sheila said...

Hey Paul!
Sea turtles! That's exciting!
I'm house and dog sitting and the three little dogs all say hi too! One even has a pink hoodie, lol (I didn't dress it, i promise!)

A suggestion for the bird's name (taken from the bird messenger in the lion king) - Zazu.

I'm sure you're not missing the snow... Keep it up! :)


Katy said...

Hey Paul! It is great to read all about your travels. I think your bird sounds like it looks like Doogan :) Just an idea for a name. I can't wait to continue reading....... You are in my thoughts.