Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day 21 - FOOD!

[NOTE: Paul's Day 19 blog was posted late because of email connection issues; see separate entry below.]

All day today I dreamed about food...I'm pretty sure that after three weeks this freeze-dried stuff is finally driving me bonkers (but in some ways I'm surprised it took this long). Though I have a little variety, the variations are apparently all within the "chicken-with-rice" food group.

In the last few days I've had Mexican Chicken with Rice, Oriental Chicken with Rice, and the most hated Jamaican Style Chicken with Rice. Oh, and how could I forget plain old Rice with Chicken (seriously), which I had for dinner tonight? Seriously, who dreams this stuff up? Then there's good old Beef Teryaki...sounds good, right? Nope, its simply Oriental Chicken with Rice, but with little beefy chunks instead of chicken chunks!

Here's a rundown of the Greatest Hits of the food I've been craving today. If you live anywhere near one of these fine establishments, please stop by to see if they deliver to 21N 25W:

  • Nirchi's sheet pizza with pepperoni (Binghamton)
  • Dinosaur Barbecue chicken wings (Syracuse)
  • Ye Olde Pizza Pub chicken wings/pizza (Hamilton)
  • Speidies from anywhere (Binghamton)
  • NY City street vendor salted pretzel
  • Sierra Grill chicken burrito and shrimp taco (Norwalk)
  • Two Door chicken parm sandwich (Greenwich)

Michael -- I unfortunately never knew "Rock Dog" while I was rowing at Colgate. Creative name though...! And yes, I do turn on the power every now and then but almost never for 10 straight strokes. It's usually when I see a wall of water to my left/right that will be breaking over my boat unless I stand on it with one oar or the other to swing the stern around. That's better motivation than even the best coxswain could provide! More often I'll take one hard stroke just before a wave is breaking in front of me, to help get a little extra "surfing" speed down the front. This too is a not a dry event...

Anon -- I do brush my teeth out here. I have lots of snickers packed somewhere, but I haven't eaten my way to them yet.

Pete- -- Wow, I struggled with this one, but finally concluded that I'd rather be me with the brain of a chimp than a chimp with my own brain. At least if I looked like myself, people might take me seriously (not too seriously I'm sure) from far away, whereas no matter how brilliant your brain is if you have the body of a chimp you'd just be silly. And you couldn't ride anything at Six Flags.

Oh, and I rowed more today. Same plan for tomorrow!



Anonymous said...

I'll stop by Lupo's in Endicott today to see if they can hook you up. Perhaps we could do a food drop???
I hope your snickers aren't melting. Is is hot out there?

Lori H.

Donna said...

Paul, I'm one of those people you have no idea who I am, but I have been following your blog and progress almost every day. I've written a couple times but more reading (we are out here cheering you on). I'm also one of those who had no idea on how to 'read' the marine tracker. Thanks to your dad for filling us in. Looking at that tho, what is the reason for heading more south than west? Did I miss that lesson? The want for real food is a no brainer (chimp like)and the businesses you listed will be here when you get back and it will be tasting all the better. Do you still have that bird following along with you? And what does it look like. I wouldn't think you have a camera around your neck but if you can get a picture of it, cool. I guess I better be getting to work.....lets or out in the open ocean? or open ocean...God be with you..Donna

Anonymous said...

You're voyage is so inspiring. It motivates me every day to be the best.

However, I'm very upset that Dunkin Doughnuts didn't make the food list. Given your issues with the water maker I'm sure you wouldn't even mind paying $0.25 for a cup of high quality H2O.

See you soon.


Anonymous said...

Paul in 2000 i called you out on a looking strike 3 at rec park one cold may afternoon. Afternoon reading your blog i want to tell you that i believe i was wrong. i was so cold that i wanted to go home. i know that it was wrong but i do apologize. perhaps this blog will help me deal w/ the problems of being a perfect umpire in the triple cities. again it is amayezing store and plan on passing it along to everyone in the umpire union.


Anonymous said...

I'm taking you to Valencia in Norwalk when you return. They belong on your list!

Who'd a thunk that eating could get boring :-)

Keep the faith!


Margaret said...

Hey Paul, you can add Pepe's, Sally's or Modern Pizza (New Haven) to your "great eats" list. Looking forward to taking you out. O.K. Brainteaser (not original). "You are driving in a car at a constant speed. On your left side is a 'drop off' (The ground is 18-20 inches below the level you are traveling on), and on your right side is a fire engine traveling at the same speed as you. In front of you is a galloping horse which is the same size as your car and you cannot overtake it. Behind you is another galloping horse. Both horses are also traveling at the same speed as you. What must you do to safely get out of this highly dangerous situation?" Take your time with this!

Zack Bloom said...

I've also been craving a NY pretzel. I'll get one and eat it in your honor tomorrow night. I mean, I'll really be eating it to satisfy my own hunger and cravings, but I'll think of you rowing for a minute there.

Keep kicking Ass!

So the Yanks avoided arbitration and signed Nady and Melky to 1 year deals. Evidently Cabrera is tearing the cover off the ball in the winter league so maybe we'll get something out of him this year.

Super Bowl trivia is not quite the same this year with out Mad Dog ("The Marquee"), but it is actually a little funnier because Mike gets easily infuriated at callers if they don't know the answer to questions he deems as easy!

Oh, and the Mets continue to do nothing to improve there lineup or pitching staff. They got K-rod, but that's it. Well unless you count Cy-Young hopeful, and first ballot to Cooperstown bound, Tim Redding!

Anonymous said...

Pizza Pub does have the best pizza and wings EVER. When you get across the ocean and find your way back to Hamilton, let's get some pizza! Until then, chicken and rice has it's appeal??? :)

ILufBeamers/Mermaids82 said...

2 door has food?????? I've only tasted their beer and vodka tonics, haha. Love that place for happy hour!

Fred Bostrom said...

Just want you to know that I'm thinking about you all the time. Your great attitude and perseverance in overcoming problems with your water maker and other trip related difficulties are so inspiring. What you are doing is truly amazing. I keep saying to myself "Yes he can! Yes he can!"
Fred B

Anonymous said...

Mentally sending Dinosaur your way, Paul! My rowing son, husband and I actually drove from Vestal to Syracuse just to go to Dinosaur last night before school starts next week! Great stuff. (They also have a cook book which is as entertaining as useful.) Also --have you ever had Nirchi's spiedie bacon pizza? Two wonderful worlds combined! We'll check out the delivery of both to your aqua-side "table!" We've seen amphibious cars at the Skaneatelas boat show, so transportation should be no problem!! Keep your eyes peeled! Continually impressed and cheering you on! Allyson A.

K-Rock and #1 Wild Bill said...

Hi Buddy - Food is addictive so probably not a good thing to dwell on - it will make you crazy. Having no choices is a good thing - just grab a bag o' something and go for it. You don't need to expend any energy digging around in the hatch for something particular - or wishing something tasted different. You know that it is what it is and it gives you the energy you need to row. Now, with that said, I can say that I make a fabulous chicken & rice dish - a recipe from my grandmother - all fresh stuff baked up in a big old roasting pan -quite tastey. I'll add it to the next Spread Menu. Along with everything else on the 'list' - I have a Dinosauer Cookbook so I'm sure we can do up a batch of wings. I'll keep 'practicing' until you get back -then we'll have The Spread of Spreads. We're thinking of you with every recipe - xxoo-

Melissa M said...

Bridge and I went to Sierra on Sunday night. The last time we were there....we were with you. Remember?! Needless to say we missed you. I also switched up my order even more and the woman took 2.5 minutes to enter it correctly into the system. Some things never change.

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul- my kindergartners were wondering why Liv (the one on our bulletin board) didn't have you in it, so I dug up a picture of you at the age of 4 with big curly hair. This inspired them to get their own boat and row out and find you to get answers to their questions. Picture 23 5 year-olds singing the ABCs in a pink Hannah Montana boat with Star Wars characters on the oars. Please respond before I resort to posting embarrassing stories from your childhood-or before I lose my job (I think the kindergarten row may not be in strict compliance with our field trip policy).
Aunt Patti

Rob said...

No mention of Jerry Nash goodness? Super Chicken, Thanksgiving dinner, or "Yellow ___ Cake"?