Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day 24

Paul's having intermittent email problems again (this time he suspects the connection between computer and sat phone), and he'll post as soon as he can. Meanwhile, he's doing well and logged his second day covering more than 41 miles. He seems to be hitting his stride!

Here's his map, as of the end of Day 24:


K-Rock and #1 Wild Bill said...

Hi Buddy - Beautiful blue sky over Bingo today - too bad there is snow & bitter cold beneath it - not a warm ocean and balmy breezes. Would you believe we envy you? Nice piece in the NY Times today about travels to Antigua - I think they're getting ready for you! Two days in a row of over 40 miles is amazing - you are doing so well at staying with the game. We are very proud. Off to the movies today - Slumdog Millionaire is great - have you seen it? Oops - your social life is just a bit restricted right now...a temporary set back - see you soon - xxoo.

Anonymous said...

Thatta boy


Dan said...

Just saw you passed 27 W Longitude. Amazing, keep up the great work.

I've made it a habit lately to look at the longitude numbers rather than the line. Its much easier to see what kind of progress you are making that way.

Anonymous said...

wendy's last night was the best part of the night last night...dancing at flashbacks...dillingers...ehhh. didn't miss much.

normal night.


Anonymous said...

So me and my mom had a converstation that was amusing today about the good old days of the boys and I lol...and i had to explain to her why u called her "Mama Dukes" that was a flashback let me tell u ...She has the whole Human Resources Dept of suny bighamton routing for you!..and she said "she is very proud of u and you have came along way..."I am glad to see u are making good prgress everyday u seem pick up more miles...But ill be most glad when u make it back in one peice...xoxo


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear the connection isn't exactly working right now. Hopefully it's just a matter of time. Meanwhile, is there any way you can get some video on youtube? May be a good way to get more of the word out. Good luck and we're routing for you!

Mike said...

Paul, glad to see you're doing well. You've redefined the meaning of steady state rowing!

You mentioned a few days ago that you are rowing in 15 foot waves? Wow. How does that even work?

-Mike McCarthy