Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Day 7

Hi from the Atlantic!

My first direct blog update now that things are starting to seem "normal' out here in a 19-foot boat in the middle of the Atlantic. Many thanks to my family and Liz for keeping everyone up to date with news from my increasingly-encouragng (I hope) phone calls, and for forwarding along all of your support from the blog!

In short, all seems to be going well out here, and I've just wrapped up a 10 hour or so day on the oars. The six-hour (wow, that sounds like a lot!) afternoon shift was my first with music and I had Springsteen, Alabama, and the Allman Brothers to keep me company through the shift.

The monumental adjustment period of the last few days seems to be at least slowing a little bit, and a few things are starting to normalize. I'm working my way through the freeze-dried food and so far, aside from being incredibly salty, it has been fine. Sea sickness is getting to be rare, though I'm sure I could find ways to bring it on if i tried. I'm still taking my meds (Stugeron, thanks Chris!) and found it to be pretty good.

Still lots to learn and deal with out here, but your encouragement and support over the last few days has been fantastic -- I wish I could have each of you out here in person every now and then to see what I'm seeing!

More tomorrow,



Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work, Paul! You are quite the inspiration!

Keely said...

SO happy to see you're feeling well enough to blog yourself! I've been posting the blog outside my cube every day and the co-workers are very intrigued. I'm working on getting them to donate! : )

Anonymous said...

Colgate Mother - very impressive! As someone surrounded by Colgate alums (spouse, in laws, children) you should know you are setting a great example of what can be achieved when you have a goal! Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work and the fantastic attitude....

Anonymous said...

yoo bud....
great to hear directly from you...glad things are going well...
I hope you realize your journey would be a lil easier with some poetry in the form of 50 cent in your ear...ha


Jerry said...

Keep up the great work, Paul. It's Jerry from Binghamton High School. Dr. Penna is keeping the school updated on your progress in his daily announcements. We're all very proud of you. I can only imagine how beautiful it is out there. I'll check back soon....

Ashley said...

Paul, This is incredible! You are such an inspiration to so many! Keep up the great work!

Pete said...

great to hear from you directly, paul, and glad you're adjusting well. in my holiday travels i spread the word on row for hope to friends in philly, new haven and NYC. people are universally floored and enthralled. i also attempted to post some well-wishings on the blog at 3am eastern on new year's eve, but the whole "word verification" thing was too much for my booze-clouded brain to handle at that point... probably for the best.

also, when you get sick of all that crappy "classic" music you're listening to and need some of the freshest hip hop available, you know to whom you can turn...

Fred Bostrom said...

I just want you to know how captivated I am with your Atlantic crossing. I can't believe how many times my thoughts turn to you during the day and even when I wake up at night. You might be physically alone in your boat but there are so many of us that are with you in spirit and willing you on. You're doing great.
Fred B

Melissa said...

Allman Brothers! woo hoo - hope Sweet Melissa was blasting!

Perlman said...

Glad to hear the sea sickness is going away...does that mean you can start heading more west!!!

Dan said...

No country today? Let me know, I can send you "Proud to be an American". Or maybe Ray J's newest hit "Sexy Can I" so you can introduce your dance to the Atlantic!

And in response to Katy yesterday, pumped to play nutters in a foreign country, and with a new fruit. Definitely something to look forward to.

Anonymous said...

AYYY good to hear things are going well for yas.... Very pumped you got your steering fixed, could prove to be important down the road. At night listen closely you could probably hear flex playing in the background.


Jessica said...

Glad to hear you have music...that is the key to life itself. Moreso then icehouse!

So i wanted to tell ya that you are also in the daily anoucements at the Forest Hill Lake Park. You are inbetween the "who dump'd more then limit from the pooper" and " hey ma' i got me a fish to up and cook hmm mm". They are proud

Wish i could be out there for a swisher or 9.

row harder...


Anonymous said...

Just love reading your blog---even my Mom at almost 91 is reading it!!! I know your mother would be very proud as we all are.

We will continue to check in---happy to hear that everything is going well now---if you can eat, sleep and row I guess everything is okay.

Florence Niermeyer

Anonymous said...

Just left Mike's. Things are going well.

Glad the seasickness is going away.

Mr. Pace

Melanie said...

Paul, Thanks to your family for keeping us posted, but glad you're on to update us. I was just telling Charles and Brian today that everyday when I read your blog I don't breathe until the end. Glad to hear its getting better and better! Happy Rowing.

~melanie, NRRA

Anonymous said...

Reading your blog and everyone's postings is the start and close to each day. Keep rockin! -- ETS

J. Wetsig said...

Bonjour Paul! You are amazing and a great inspiration. What you are doing is a testament to your love for your mother and your own personal strength. Many of us here in Binghamton are following your progress and keeping you in our hearts and our prayers.

Bon courage, Mme Wetsig

Donna said...

Hey Paul, Now there ya go! Rowing to some good tunes, (noone to tell ya to lower it), dolphins at your side, more people than maybe you would have thunk but hey, this is America and you've got friends in other parts of the world. What more could you ask for when your on such a venture. Your attitude sounds great, keep it up!
Snowin' in Bingo...who woulda thunk it! Donna

Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work Paul - glad to know you're settling in and are pleased with the progress.

John said...

awesome to hear from you big guy! 6 hours straight! crazy. So glad to hear you're doing so well. a few news and notes from the sports front today:

-the Jets interviewed the head coach from BC. Because he took that interview, he got fired. What sort of an institution does that?

-Speaking of BC, they figured out a way to lose to HARVARD in basketball. Seriously.

-The Browns hired Mangini. He's been out of work for 5 minutes and already has a job. Unreal.

-So I sent around my own email to my new co-workers and then forwarded Joy's email to all of my old friends all over the country and the responses have been great. Hope you get some more donations out of it! Anyway, this morning, somebody dropped off a copy of the Stamford Advocate from Sunday the 21st with the big guy on it!! Pretty awesome story! I'm sure you have a copy of it, but I'll save this one for you just in case. And by save it, I mean hang it up in my office until you get back, haha.

K-Rock and Wild Bill said...

Whatever you do, don't get up and start dancing! "Liv" may not make such a great partner - and the sight might stir up the marine life - and not in a good way. Keep up the good rowing - slow and steady is the pace. We've decided to keep our Gomeran Climbing Santa and your special Canary Christmas Stocking hanging in the living room until you get back - we miss you & keep you in our thoughts and prayers. K & B

Wild Bill said...


Bon Voyage and Godspeed !

I am proud to call you a friend.
You are undertaking something few would ever even dream of, and I wish you luck, strength, and perserverance.

Here's a little ditty to help you pass time while alone..
"Row, row, row your boat.."

All the best to you.

Wild Bill {and Midnight Mary}

Jody said...

Great job Paul...Friends from CTK are praying for your continued success...Keep it up!

philmargobingony said...

So good to hear form you direct. We knew you would get into routine - prayer never fails.

Like all the others we think of you constantly and enjoy the Blog.

We will continue to encourage people to donate.

Keep up the great frame of mind and pump that music that always keeps me going.

God Bless Phil & Margo Bingo

Lynda Malochleb,CTK said...

Paul, I've been watching your progress and praying for you. It must be so assume to be out there experiencing God's other creation the Sea, watching the dolphins, whales and other creatures that come up to say hello. It reminds me of that movie with tom hanks were a whale becomes his friend. Good travels and God bless

Brent said...

Perlman's response was great. Good job by Saager keeping you updated on the world of "man stuff." I have nothing to add at the moment other than I miss you and I need you. Like a needle needs a vein. Like my uncle Joe in Oklahoma needs the rain. I need you.

Anonymous said...

DO you have a camera? maybe pictures of marine life or beautiful sunsets could be uploaded to share with us all

Marlene McElliogtt said...

I am so proud of you Paul! Keep rowing and I pray I will see you in person soon. Love, Marlene

Anonymous said...

Paul, keep up the good work. You have a lot of courage to do this. Enjoying reading the posts.

Alicia (From Bingo Bio)

Anonymous said...


Is it wrong that I check your blog every morning before I even open my work email! It was so great to see a post from you today!

Can't wait to watch a game of nutters in Antigua!


LovelyLadyLumps said...

I also check your blog and gps everyday before doing anything at work!! And then announce it to my coworkers, as well as the funny blog comments! They are all totally amazed! God Speed Paul! Jesus loves you!

Svend Pedersen said...

Godspeed and a traditional Navy blessing of fair winds and following seas ... I read of your quest on Colgate's web site right before I started the Concept 2 Holiday Challenge which put my challenge in the proper perspective. As a former Naval Flight Officer I've flown 'across the pond' too many times to count - and each flight had it's own challenges - I can only imagine what you're facing!

My sister works as an oncology nurse at Yale New Haven Hospital and our family has more than a passing familiarity with cancer's impact - what you're doing is inspirational. Thankfully we have people like you among us to remind us all what is possible no matter how daunting the challenge.

Full speed ahead!

Anonymous said...

I shared your website with my 8th graders today. Thanks to knowing you - I am the coolest teacher ever - at least for today!
You and your family are in my daily prayers.

Denise Scalzo

Anonymous said...

the year of 09....will have a Sonic on upper front street.


PUDGIES is coming back!!!!!!!!


Rob said...

Paul - I hope you have some "Pick Up The Pieces" on that playlist.
Do do do do do do do do!

Keep it up man.

Anonymous said...

You are amazing. Can you hear us from Kansas cheering you on?

Anonymous said...

Great to see your GPS tracker heading west. Each time I see a degree being added onto your West Longitude
location I have a little celebration. I'm cheering hard for the trade winds to keep pushing you on.
Fred Bostrom