Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 16, Part Two

After the watermaker drama of yesterday and this morning, I was anxious to get some rowing in -- it's a privilege to be able to row after all, rather than having to mess around with a watermaker.

The swells today were absolutely huge -- 25 plus feet would be my guess, with many bigger. My vantage point is a rowing seat roughly 4 inches off of the water, and looking up from the trough of a 25-foot swell is a sight to remember. Had a few really wet encounters, with waves breaking from the side into the deck and temporarily filling it with water, which is a real wake-up call. For the most part though, all went fine, and the 25-30 knots of tailwind should have really helped my mileage for the day.

I was happy to get into the cabin after sunset (there's no way I'm rowing in the dark in these seas...yet) and to continue to try my new approach of eating inside. The downside is that all my meals inside are cold, but the upside is that I get to stay dry and relax a little while I prepare them. I guess I'm still perfecting my approach, because today's meals left me with lasagna on my pillow and ramen noodles at the foot of my bed (don't forget, my bed takes up the entire cabin!).

Forgot to mention that yesterday in the beginning of my morning shift I saw another ship, this time the "B.W. Phoenix." It looked like a tanker of some sort and was traveling SW at 12 knots. It got within 2.5 miles of me, but again couldn't make radio contact. These big ships must not be monitoring ch 9 this far out at sea...

Slightly less wind is forecast for the weekend, so maybe these waves will get a little smaller. At this early stage in the trip I'd be happy to give up a little bit of speed for some peace of mind... We'll see if the weather agrees.

I'll send some pictures over the weekend... another BEARD WATCH for sure.



Anonymous said...

52 below zero this morning in Fort Kent, ME. Only -7 here in coastal NH. Hope your fresh water issues are history. Row hard.

Anonymous said...


It's always a good plan to have a snack at each end of your bed, you know in case you want a midnight snack!

Sounds like surfs up,
When it calms down (to like 5 foot rollers), you should try to do some night rowing and see how it goes. Night surfing under the stars could be a nice new experience. It was for me many times when I was at the helm of a racing sailboat all night.
Not quite the same but---

Above all, be safe in everything you do.

Row Hard, No Excuses.
Bill R.

nybennie said...

Paul, This is Elaine Benjamin Rosner from CTK. Wanted you to know that I have been thinking about you and you are in my prayers. I tried to post this once already tonight-so if you see this're not seeing double. It's just me....besides myself:-)(these da... computers...*#@&!). One of my favorite actresses is the Norwegian actress Liv Ullmann. She was a favorite of the director Ingmar Bergman and starred in many of his films. I recently learned that Liv Tyler was named after her. Two beautiful ladies. Also, a Norwegian woman by the name of Liv Arnesen, was the first woman to ski solo to the South Pole! I had forgotten what the word, Liv, meant until I read about it on your web site. You chose a great name for your little boat:-) Here's to the Livs of the world. Long my they liv!....elaine

Anonymous said...
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philmargobingony said...


Keep up the great work. You are accomplishing something I have dreamed of doing for years. many of nights I've gone to sleep plotting my trip across the ocean. Yours is for a great cause, something that I have survived (throat cancer). It's been 4 years (today) since my operation and your Dad and Nadine visited me twice in NYC to help me get through it. They are great people and so are you and Joyce. Margo and I had the pleasure of meeting your Mom several years ago and she seemed like a lovely lady.

I read your blog morning noon and night, it's like we are living it with you. Thank you for sharing your experience.

May God Bless, We'll keep the prayers going!!

Phil & Margo Bingo NY

God Bless

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul, it's Alexander. 25 foot waves - wow!! what do you think the biggest wave you see will be? Do the waves keep you awake? Do they push Liv around alot? Stay dry and good luck.

Anonymous said...


We're following you .... Glad you got the water maker working. The next time you do this you need to bring extra parts!

We know the "Boyz" accomplish their goals! Keep rowing and good luck!

Joe & Julie

K-Rock and #1 Wild Bill said...

Good Morning - I think it might be Day 17 - but we all will lose count sooner or later. We'd take the 25 ft seas over the minus 25 degree temps any day.Brrr. News of the day includes a USAir plane landing in the Hudson River after birds blew the engines -keep your little petrel friend away from the oars! Inauguration events begin today - Wild Bill loves the trivia. Football tomorrow looks to be setting up a Who-Cares Bowl rather than a Super Bowl.Someting else came up yesterday that we said'ooh, we'll have to tell Paulie'..but now I forget - sorry. Row hard - stay on track - xxoo-

Wild Bill said...

Forget about water; Drink Jim Jones Punch instead !!

It will quench your thirst and make you crazy silly at the same time; just ask Joy about that, she knows.

If in a real pinch, GROG is the answer. I'll try to have some good GROG for you in the magic circle next time I see you there...

Tis the life of a pirate is for me...
Har, har, har !!

Anonymous said...

BEEEEP! Hey. Paul's phone here in the middle of the Atlantic. We've got no bars at 22°00’29”N 22°32’20”W so that call about heading farther south due to the Ice Age in America, yeah we didn't get that message. We will continue course instead of starting a new life south of the equator. Hopefully we don't need a Land Rover or Tundra to finish the trip. See you the Day After Tomorrow.

(Courtesy of Yanuzzi)

Kent McDonald said...

i just came across your blog. At last a man with a cause and a blog worth saving. From here to dry land, you'll by in my thoughts.

tok in phoenix.

Anonymous said...

Hurry up....i got the peanut butter pie...and anxiously awaitin your return for a card game..

bring your quarters


Eugenie said...

Dear Paul,
We're so grateful to the world of electronics & technology (and to your father and Joy) to enable us to be there with you - in spirit!
We check your blog daily, are so proud of your progress and resiliency; we also pass the word along to others.
We here in NY are immersed in the initial Obama inaugural events, so proud that this country seems to be refocusing, so for us, Hope has many connotations these days!


Eugenie & Horace

Teddi said...

Hi Paul,
We have started calling your quest:
"Survivor Atlantic" season 12 !/2
where you can Out- row,
Out-navigate, and Out- wit the elements.
My family is keeping you in our prayers.
My class plays "Where in the Atlantic is Paul Ridley?"
We check the GPS tracker everyday.
Teddi and family