Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day 3: Rougher Seas, But a Calmer Stomach

It's Paul's dad again, with the latest from Paul, who called around sunset, his time.

Paul's been making good progress: 32 miles on Day 1 (8:00 AM, Jan. 1, to 8:00 AM, Jan. 2) and 39.6 miles on Day 2.

The weather changed during the night on Friday night, tossing him around a bit. He's now in the middle of some real waves, which naturally are making rowing more of a challenge. For most of today, the pattern has been "row a little, row a little, pump out the footwell; row a little, row a little, pump out the footwell."

In the current conditions, Paul is having to fight the tendency of the winds to push him in a northwesterly direction; it's been a steady battle today to keep the course more to the west (toward home) than to the north. Fortunately, he's well away from the Canaries now, and doesn't have to worry about being blown ashore somewhere.

As darkness falls, Paul has set his sea anchor (a parachute-like device that fills with water once it's tossed overboard and keeps the boat from drifting), and it seems to be working as advertised. As sailors say, "Set the sea anchor, get some rest, and THEN get up to fight again, with your brain back in working order."

The good news is that his seasickness seems to be getting a bit better. He's happy that, as the seas have worsened, his queasiness has not. He's managed to down 3 Cliff Bars, 3 chocolate bars and lots and lots of Gatorade; when I talked with him, he was also eyeing a bag of trail mix with some suspicion.

Paul's decided that the aft cabin, where he lives now, is a whole lot smaller than he had realized; Joy's answer is for him to eat more of the food that's stashed there, to make more room!

We're relaying your Comments and emails to Paul, and he's very encouraged by them. Keep them up!


Anonymous said...

Pumps to hear things are going well for has. Hope there's vodka to go w the Gatorade! Row ur boat!


Adventures of Greg said...

hello Paul! So glad to hear you are off! Good work! I am at the other end of your journey now on a boat near Antigua. But my boat holds 3000 people and goes by the name of Princess Cruises. It's a bit rough here and I am surprised at how much a ship this gigantic size can roll in the swells. Nothing compared to what you are going through though! I remember taking WiTHiN (the pedal powered kayak) into 20 ft waves near Tofino, BC. I was never that sick in my life! Anyhow - best of luck to you and I want you to know that you are an inspiration. GO GO GO!!!
Greg K

Teddi said...

We are proud of you, Paul! Keep rowing. Joy and Mark, I'm enjoying the blogs!

Seshat said...

"Years from now you will be
more disappointed by the things you didn’t do
than by the ones you did do -
So throw off the bow lines -
Sail away from the safe harbor-
Catch the tradewinds in your sails (or oars!)
-Mark Twain
You are amazing!!!!
We hold you in our hearts & prayers -
Marty & Nancy Siefka

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul, my name is Alexander and my mom Joan works with you at GA. I'm in 4th grade at Sherman school in Fairfield. My friends and I are checking your blog every day. You are so cool. I hope you are OK. Keep going.


Anonymous said...

Uncle Paul,

Row great Paul but don't go in the waves! Have a lot of ocean bars!

Goodnight. I hope you feel better!

Annika Katherine Fogelberg [with typing help]

Anonymous said...

It's about time you got started.
Checking the tracker is a blast.
Reminds me of how little I know about both nautical miles and mathematics.
According to the map you've gone about 4 inches. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...


The Binghamton Patriots Baseball Program is very proud of you!!! Keep it up!!!!!!

Coach Lee

cathy said...

Paul I am the field hockey coach at Colgate and have had great fun watching your progress to date! Everyone here thinks that this is a great adventure and we are all having fun reading about your progress. My brother died of cancer about a year ago so I know how much rowing in your moms memory must mean to you and your family. Just wanted you to know that the field hockey team will be thinking of you on your great adventure and wishing you the best.

Coach Foto

Corey said...

Bears magic water?

Paul said...

Hi Paul.
I'm the Paul you met in the Internet Cafe in San Sebastian on 28th December passing through on the "Black Prince". Arrived back in Liverpool this morning.
Pleased to see you've set out as you predicted when checking the forecast.
I will check your progress with interest and trust you have a successful voyage.
I took some pix of Liv in the marina before sailing off and will email for general distribution if you see fit.
Hope you sort the technical glitches with collision avoidance and steering systems soon so you can get a good sleep. Intrigued by sea anchor - excellent. Don't think I'll need one on my narrowboat though!
Best regards.
Paul H