Monday, January 19, 2009

Day 19

Progress? Well, I finally redecorated the cabin with a new map covering Africa/the Canaries, south past Cape Verde and as far west as 40 degrees W, roughly the half-way mark of my row. Though the ocean always looks more or less the same, aside from waves of varying heights, seeing my current position on a map made me feel for the first time like I'm actually going somewhere! Although my first real milestone will be when I cross 30 degrees west, it's good to see that I'm actually not very close to the Canaries any more. Wish I had champagne to celebrate every 1/4 of the trip rather than just halfway.

Spent some time trying to brace the hose on the watermaker that's been blowing out, with little success. Finally got 1.5 liters of water out of the thing (takes about 5 mins), but I don't feel very confident in this holding up for the duration of the trip. Will try to make a real batch (10 liters) tomorrow.

Waves pretty good sized again today and still windy out there now. Wave height is 15+ feet -- maybe closer to 20. Makes for wet rowing. Wind is maybe 20k, and is predicted to be stable around there for the next week or so.

Gary M -- I'm using an Iridium 9505a sat phone (a newer model just came out I think, but it's just as slow for data) with software from GMN called Xgate, which works pretty well. I don't get internet, just e-mail.

Zack -- Please provide updates on the Biggest Loser if possible. Also, who won last season? Is Jillian back for the current season? What about the blond trainer?

Glad the beard is getting good reviews, and thanks again for all of the support!


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