Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day 18: Beard Watch!

I have no idea what day of beard-growing I'm on; it must be somewhere in the month-and-a-half range. After seeing this picture I'm glad I don't have to look at myself too often -- as you can tell, I'm slightly less clean cut than my usual "high and tight"/freshly-shaven look.

Not a bad day of rowing today, with lighter winds last night than I've had in the previous few. Started winding up again this afternoon and the waves had really built up by the time I crawled into the cabin tonight. I can hear it blowing out there now, which of course makes me glad I'm inside! Fingers crossed for some sleep tonight, though...

The water-maker is back down again, but I have some creative ideas to try in the morning. The same high-pressure connection blew out after only a minute of so of use this afternoon. Came up with a couple potential solutions during my afternoon/evening shift, so we'll see tomorrow if they work.

Stay tuned!



Anonymous said...

ha, amazing pic! where are you? there is a lot of blue out there, looks like you are in the ocean!?

you realize that all you need is a roll of toilet paper, a 3-inch long piece of scotch tape, a paper clip, and one green skittle, and that water maker will be as good as new...make macgyver proud!

pumped to hear things are well bud, keep at it!


pebs said...


The Superbowl is the Cardinals Vs. Steelers. I have no idea who i am going to cheer for. A total of about 100,000 people will watch the game on T.V.. The Eagles defense didnt show up in the first half, Steelers never really had to worry. Shane Falco I mean Joe Flacco played like the rookie he is. good luck with the pump.


LovelyLadyLumps said...

Awww...who knew a red beard could be so cute?!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear your having water maker issues again.

Oh, I heard ZZ Top is looking for a new band member.

Looking forward to your next post!!

Lori H.

Aunt Jane said...

Great photo!! Sorry to hear about all the cuts, aches, bumps & bruises. I got a splinter in my finger and it hurts a bit when I hold my wine glass, so I feel your pain.

My thoughts & prayers are there with you. Keep up the good work.

Michael said...

Awesome photo, buddy. It must be so amazing out there! I sent you an e-mail as well, hope you got it! KEEP PUSHING!


Margaret said...

Hey Paul,since you're out rowing hard I feel guilty having the day off so am headed to YCC to do some work. Will give Liz a holler soon. Good luck with the water-maker--definitely get a refund for that thing!


dcdancer1163 said...
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dcdancer1163 said...

hi paul,

love the pic u took with u out in the middle of no where! looks beautiful and warm. The weather in binghamton isn't bad. Good luck out there and keep on rowing.


Dan said...

That beard is much better then mine from Wilderness Adventure. And every time I see that hat I can't help but laughing.

Get that water maker fixed, and keep riding those waves!

Brent said...

Two Burmese men were found alive after floating in an oversized ice box for over three weeks after their fishing vessel sank.

Moral of the story: You can do it.

Brent said...

Two Burmese men were found alive after floating in an oversized ice box for over three weeks after their fishing vessel sank.

Moral of the story: You can do it.

Sheila said...

Like the Beard! I'm surprised you still look recognizable, j/k :)
You look good! I wish I had a great story to tell you but I don't... haha. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Rid, Glad to hear things are going good with the exception of the water maker. If your still open for suggestions on how to fix it, just reverse the steps that you did when you stole the tap in 2002 HA.

Hope all is well and be safe


K-Rock and Wild Bill said...

Hi Buddy - Not happy to hear about the watermaker - did you keep the receipt? We had a bad day too - had to go to Rex Parker to cheat on the NY Times x-word puzzle today(Saturday)Rex is a BU professor who publishes his NYT puzzle solving techniques - I'm pretty sure you're not interested in that one little bit. We like the photo - it's good just to see you all in one piece. How are you doing with sun protection? Burned?Tanned?Alabaster? We'll keep sending good thoughts your way - you keep good thoughts in your head - it'll all lead to a happy landing in Antigua! xxoo -

Anonymous said...

You look in great shape Paul, despite all the cuts and bruises! Doesn't look like it's weather to go shirtless just yet, but hopefully the temps aren't so bad for you (better than below zero like we're having in Norwalk!). And, it's snowing AGAIN. Hope you find the right solution for that water purifier. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Seshat said...

Your beard & the incredible expanse of blue are a great juxtaposition of colors.....
Your beard will eventually offset the blue!
Is that water on your shoulder and what temperature? - I keep wishing it were warm.....
You are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Thought this might be apropos ...St. Brendan the Navigator, once prayed as he was travelling, "Lord, help me, for your sea is so big and my boat is so small."

Godspeed be with you on your marvelous journey.

Pete said...

please make sure that you don't shave off that beaut all at once. you gotta walk around for at least like a week or two post-row with a fu manchu or creepy chin strap, maybe a handlebar mustache... just a lil sumpin sumpin for the ladies.

making good progress paul, keep it up! also a quick hypothetical, since that seems to be what people do here: would you rather be you, with your face and your legs, but the brain of a chimpanzee, or would you rather be a chimpanzee with your brain?

Anonymous said...

llllleeeeeeettttttt mmmmeeeee ssssseeeeeeee yyyyyoooooouuuurrrrrr fffaaaaaccceeeeeeeee

pumped to see the beard and upset that it is meaner then my own. any new boat sightings?

who needs water....Bear grylls doesn't need water and he survives crazy stuff each week!!


Corey said...

Amazing Beard...No way you should shave it when you return!!

Keep up the rowing and stay strong...Since you are unable to booze it up I have been making up for your absence...


Anonymous said...


I notified the IB office of your Row for your mom. As an IB Diploma student they are interested in doing a story about you in the IB World Magazine.

I hope you are well. We are thinking of you everyday back here in the Binghamton School District.

Below is the message I got back from the editor:

I'm working on the May issue of IB World magazine and the editor, Robert Jeffery, has passed on your details in relation to Paul Ridley's transatlantic row, which we'd like to include in the news pages. I just wanted to check when you expect him to complete the row, and whether it would be possible to get a message from him? Our final editorial deadline is around the start of March.

Best regards,


Laura Bridgestock
Sub-editor/ writer
Haymarket Network
Teddington Studios
Broom Road
TW11 9BE
020 8267 5975

Dr. Grace