Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day 14

Two weeks on the ocean in the books (after tonight), and things are starting to settle down into a routine a little. My long morning and evening shifts with a two hour break in between seem to be working. Tonight I'm going to try an early morning shift 6AM-8AM, which will include sunrise which will be nice. Was planning to do two hours after sunset but decided against it because the moon won't rise for a few more hours. If I can get a sunrise shift in regularly it'll get me up around 12 hours of rowing a day which is where I'd like to be.

Few days in a row of progress to the west which has been nice, though never as far as I'd like of course. Saw another big sea turtle today, this time swimming East.

Aunt Jane, I haven't been able to get the Petrel to show me his feet so i can tell if they're webbed or not. Maybe if he's still here at the halfway mark a little champagne will loosen him up?

Lastly, the philosophical question of today was "How long has it been since I've worn briefs? I wonder if my grandparents generation was on to something with this and now I'm really missing out? Hmmmm..."



LovelyLadyLumps said...

I'm really confused!!! I thought you were rowing in the nude???!! Hope you brought lots of sunblock? I've gotten into a routine of knowing when you're posting your next blog....haha.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if you remember me, but I met you once a few years back in a binghamton bar and you chatted with me for the better part of the evening. My name is Eric, I am from Sudan, and a friend of mine from BU passed this information to me. I am back in Sudan now and just want to wish you luck. If you are ever in a bar in Sudan wandering around aimlessly like I was, I hope I can return the nice gesture and chat for awhile.

Well Wishes,
Eric From Sudan

Anonymous said...

Some important life questions to ponder while rowing:

Would you rather eat 150 wasps OR have both your hands cut off?

Would you rather be able to fly or live until you are 200?

Enjoy! Keep up the great work!

John said...

I'm becoming obsessive with your blog, and I now have it on my google reader, which updates me whenever you blog. Advantage, stalker. Two quick comments:

1. Be happy, it's going to be less than zero freaking degrees here this weekend! Have you gone for a swim yet?

2. The answer you're searching for is boxer briefs, my friend. Life's ultimate compromise.

Actually, since we're out of biased news for the day (except for the yankees getting sued, more on that when something actually happens), here's something to think about:
You have to play one position on either offense or defense on a random NFL team. You have to be on the field for at least 80% of the offensive or defensive plays. Where would they put you to maximize the EV (expected value) of the team? How much worse would the team be on average? (less wins per season). Assume that you are a male of average height/weight/athleticism.

Margaret said...

Hey Paul,

We're with you. No comments on the underwear--O.K., thoughts but no comments.

Keep up the good rowing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul
We've never met but a close friend from college, Charlie Jenkins, sent me your story and I fell in love with it. I think you're doing an amazing thing (I'm sure I'm not the only one). Just know you have the support of me and my family, along with my high school class at Dallas Area. We're all cheering for you!

Keep rowing!

Brent said...

Why did the sea turtle cross the Atlantic? To get to the Shell station.

I've got a lot more of those. You can read them in my new book, "Dane Cook jokes: oxymoron?"

Hope you're doing well Rid.

Denise said...

Hi Paul,
My 8th grade math classes love to get your blog updates from me (not sure why they don't check the blog themselves - I think it is a ploy to get out of doing the day's math lesson!)I now have a huge map in my classroom with your start, end and current position marked.

We decided you needed to ponder some math questions while you were rowing - a nice break from listening to music.

The first question is: If today is Tuesday, what day will it be 100 days from today?

The kids realize it is an easy question, but they didn't want you to strain yourself, they want you to "stretch" before we start giving you the more difficult ones.

We will be waiting for your answer:)

Mrs. Scalzo's 8th grade math class

Dan said...

If you could attend any past sporting event, what would it be and where would you sit?

Chew on that.

And riding the waves sounds awesome. Let us know what thats like once you get it under control.

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul, it's Alexander. I got all the kids in my class interested in your trip. Maybe you can visit us in Fairfield CT when you get back. Are there really no sharks near you?

Zara said...

Hi Boo,

I eat shark bites fruit snacks every night while reading your blog - it's my little way to mark the days of your trip. Today was all purples...definitely good luck for tomorrow's row. :>)

I feel compelled to make a comment about underwear and some risky swimming that went on in VA Beach, but I'll restrain myself. Hahahahaha. I'll leave that up to Chris.


Wild Bill said...

Do you feel that having lived in a hollow tree in the enchanted forest with normish people to have helped or hurt your chances and future ?


Anna is scaring {?} me...LOL !!!

Anonymous said...

After working in the farm all morning long tending to my cows for fresh milk i come inside and do all of the chores before sunrise. My man thurman and i check our your blog all the time...i wanted to say from all the keuka college one year alumni....congrats and best wishes...

Heather....or JCSS

K-Rock and Wild Bill said...

Hi Guy - 14 days already? Seems like only yesterday you were lounging around in La Gomera - this is progress. It's great to read all these comments - as you travel so does your story - and the foundation account keeps growing. Keep your eye on the prize! Not a lot of other news - just cold, cold. A nice warm shot would help, but I've sworn them off until you get home. Beware, Aunt Jane likes to do bird identification by studying the bird's 'droppings' - if she asks for that, you can Just Say No. xxoo-

More from K-Rock said...

By the way - a friend of mine explored the NBC web site and submitted Row for Hope as a story idea for The Today Show. So don't be surprised if Matt Lauer drops out of a helicopter some time soon! Keep your shorts on as they say... xxoo-K-Rock

Melissa M said...

Ok mr., I already move your laundry from the washer to dryer and into your laundry basket. Do not surprise me with any briefs, ok?!

Anonymous said...

14 days?!? Seems like you've been gone forever. Oh yeah the month vacation in La Gomera.
If you get Alan Jackson out of your head, you could always spin another one of your county favorites. "She thinks my Row Boat's Sexy." Furthermore, name the sea turtle Shelly.
Here's a pirate joke to get you out of a bind: Don't hurt me guys, when we reach land I'll take you all to AAARRRRBY's!



JoAnn said...

Hey Paul! 14 days WOW! To LovelyLadyLumps... he IS rowing in the nude... didn't you see the pics! LOL! Love ya Paul... Keep rowing! Jo@GA

Katy said...

You will be happy to know that for my birthday my coworkers dressed up our department mascot (a ceramic vulture sculpture)as Benjamin Franklin, complete with bifocals, wig and cape. Apparently I told them all about soul mate over a department lunch. I will be sending along an photograph shortly.

Anonymous said...


I wanted to let you know that You are my hero. I think about your voyage everyday. You are the first website I look at in the morning and last I look at when my head hits the pillow. You are a true idol. I talk to so many people about the voyage that they are sick of hearing from me and told me that I was crazy and needed a padded room and white jacket. I am not crazy, I just like to play on the railroad tracks! Eventhough im in a wheelchair...i will walk again, and we will hang out...

Joe Yanuzzi's ex girlfriend...aka Pretty =)