Friday, January 9, 2009

Day 9

Hi again from the Atlantic!

A sloppy day out here today with wind coming from the north west trying to blow me south (which is ok) but also east (bad). Spent the morning fighting it and getting splashed and sprayed with what seemed like every wave that went by my starboard side.

I had the wind at almost 90 degrees to my track (perpendicular to my intended SW course), and the waves at 40 degrees to starboard off my stern. The water had a habit of splashing the hull and going straight up, where it was then picked up by the wind and tossed into my lap! It wasn't really as bad as it sounds, but annoying for sure.

I decided to give back a little of my hard earned west in the afternoon (not that there was much of it, anyway) to take some south, which improved matters a fair amount. The forecast is for winds shifting to come from the north then northeast over the weekend and into Monday, at which point I'll get back that western mileage and more.

Anyway, I hear it's almost the weekend in the real world. No big weekend plans out here...maybe some rowing. Yeah, rowing sounds good...

Haven't seen the comments from yesterday yet, but hope to get them soon. They're the highlight of my day!




Joy Ridley said...

Ok, I admit it -- I was slow getting everyone's comments to Paul today! He was right on top of it, though, and managed to send me a text, an email, and a message through our Dad, wondering what my excuse was. He's tough, even from 3 thousand miles away... (that and he LOVES your comments -- keep them coming!)

Teddi said...

Yeah Paul,
Great sense of humor!
Rowing, rowing,
Row, Row Row that boat....
Teddi and class

Anonymous said...

Go Paul! Here's a tidbit for you: manscaping is OUT and beards and mustaches are back in style -- so says the NYTimes Style section.


Anonymous said...

dude, i am pumped of the pin-up. Ya gotta. You should of traded something w/ the big freighter....come home w/ a collection of things you traded/bardered w/....ocean oregon trail!

weekend plans...going bowling w/ the chuck and christian....then work.

better then rowing...but you have a better view!

had taco bell today....prolly better off you are on the ocean and not near ha.

You pack any V-Neck sweaters...or khakis ?


Seshat said...

As someone who really loves more being in the water than on the water (but who married someone who loves being on the water ie sailing) what temperature is the water when it hits your face?
Nancy Siefka

Anonymous said...

Hope you packed two taps.

Good luck,

Jason Delancy

Anonymous said...

Is there any frank blasting while u row?

Norms cottage

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul, it's Alexander. I love looking at your blog every day and the gps thing is cool. Have you seen any sharks?

Marlene McElligott said...

I just say the pictures of your cabin. Robert would love the photo the Brooklyn (I think I got her name right - but does it matter, ha,ha). I keep thinking of the movie Cast Away as I read your updates. I hope you don't have to befriend a volleyball and that you can have enough "human contact" through these messages and your daily phone calls. Again take care and I can't wait to see you on dry land. Marlene

Anonymous said...

Well we're hunkering down for 6-8 inches of snow here in Norwalk. The Gators beat Oklahoma 24-14 for the BCS championship.

Keep the sunblock on and oars moving.


Anonymous said...

Hi im a 12 year old boy in the U-E middle school and I was wondering how long you row for in a Day? Best Of Luck!!!!!!

Devin H

Dan said...

Great to hear that your body is holding up so far. Your handshake is going to be so manly when you get back with all those calluses.

Also good to hear that you were able to get some real rowing in and stretch out.

Katy said...

Paul- Chris, Zara, Dan, Anna and I want to know if you've seen any sharks. We ate shark bites last night and they were delicious. We thought of you. Also, if you saw wood on the Atlantic and no one's there to hear it does it make a sound?


K-Rock and Wild Bill said...

Good Morning - or whatever time it is when you FINALLY get to hear from us land-lubbers. A quiet weekend here in Bingo - pretty good snow storm predicted.Not to worry,we made it out to the liquor store & back safely.Football on the schedule - Ravens vs Titans looks to be the game to watch today - a prelude to Giants-Philly tomorrow. We'll keep you posted. Wild Bill loves the GPS tracker - keeps it up on his screen all day. We're watching over you the best we can - xxo.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are doing an amazing job out there! Keep up the hard wok- your Ridley sense of humor is still intact which is great. I continue to read your blogs daily- such an adventure!

Anonymous said...

Paul,hope your okay from your encounter with the waves.I've been watching your progress,and you're doing well.I'll write back next time.PS,I'm in Mrs.Black's class. FROM,Jedidiah