Thursday, January 22, 2009

Day 22 - Flying Fish?

Beginning of week number four at sea, and winds have been good, helping me to the West. This morning I crossed 25 degrees West, which is a minor milestone in that it's halfway to 30W, which will mark the first quarter of my march across the Atlantic (remember the real rowing started at 20W and Antigua's a little past 60W). Right now I'm just about due North of the Western tip of Cape Verde, which means that there's nothing but ocean between me and Antigua, which is a good feeling...until I realize just how much ocean it really is!

Today I concluded that a few bottles of hot sauce would have rocked my culinary world, and I'm annoyed that I didn't bring any Frank's Red Hot. I also forgot to mention that I'm craving steak, and that I could probably put down a dozen of those 6 oz. filet mignons right now. Medium, please, with A-1 sauce and potatoes. And a double bombay sapphire on the rocks with two limes...mmmmm.

No, really, I do have a few highlights when it comes to food. One is astronaut ice cream, which I have in both Neapolitan and ice cream sandwich form. Both are delicious and have been eaten with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The other treat is Jolly Ranchers, which are remnants from my Christmas stocking. Unfortunately, the two that I have left don't have a chance of lasting past the weekend.

Now you're wondering, "What does this have to do with flying fish?" I almost forgot that I was gong to tell you that I saw my first flying fish for the trip this morning. Though I hear there'll be tons of them at times, I only saw a couple today. I was rowing along, and all of a sudden out of the side of one wave to my left come two long, thin fish with their fins beating their fastest, "flying" past my face and splashing down in a wave to my right. It happened so quickly that I could have imagined it, but I'm pretty sure that I didn't. It also was very clearly not birds and certainly came out of the water. Unfortunately, the only other flying fish I've ever seen were years ago in Super Mario 3 for Nintendo, but what I saw looked like them, so who knows...

Thanks for the continued support and encourgement - it makes the days go by much faster!



Laura said...

I had LTK today and it was not the same without my lunch buddy (you). As you've been on a real-food craving kick, I assure you you didn't miss out on anything, it wasn't THAT good. They neglected to add any spice what-so-ever when I asked for it to be a little bit spicy, so it clearly would not have met your standards. And it obivously had tofu- you're probably not that sick of chicken yet.

Bill R. said...

Paul, your trip is the equivalant of doing the Blackburn 150 times!!
You rock for under taking such a Corinthian effort for a great cause.

Row hard, no excuses.

See you back in Long Island Sound.

Brent said...

Super Mario reference? That's amazing. Were these guys red and did they make the "O" face like the fish in SMB?

Great job bud, keep it up.

Dan said...

How about some wings from Archie Moore's?? But seriously, your contribution to future ocean rowers can be your sage advice, remember to bring hot sauce.

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul, it's Alexander. My mom got me a map of the Atlantic Ocean so we can track your trip. My teacher said you could come to my classroom and talk when you get back. If you have time to do this, it would be an honor. I live in Fairfield so it's not too far.

I just watched flying fish on youtube. Wow, they're amazing. I think I can see them on Mario Cart game but will check and let you know.

Thanks, have a good day tomorrow.

PS I love Jolly Ranchers.

Kevin said...

Paul, I have spent 10 days at sea (twice) and it was measly compared to what you are doing. I also had a kitchen on the sail boat err Vessel (as my uncle would say) to cook in. I would happily bring you some home made chili if i could! I'd probably just take up space and not row much lol.......

Anyway, we saw a fair amount of flying fish, mostly they were dead on the deck of the vessel in the morning.

Dolphins were another story though. We saw plenty. I don't know how many you will see as they are usually drawn to the sound of the engine on a boat! maybe you could hum in the water for a while????

Anyway, happy rowing ( I think you are nuts) I prefer my boats wind or engine driven!

Kevin Allen

Robina said...

Hey Paul,
I love reading your blog every morning and thinking about the insignificance of the time I just spent ergging at the gym. It's amazing how far you are already!
Happy rowing!

Anonymous said...


I want to dedicate tomorrow's Speed Ball game at 8am to you. hope that you can score out there. Just remember to drop kick instead of soccer style.

Mr. Zembek

Corey said...
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Anonymous said...

I am very pleased to tell you that I just finished a Buffalo Chicken Wrap with grilled chicken and hot sauce. Boy, it was a delight! I'm thinking of washing it down with a pint of Ben & Jerry's, but the first task would be locating said pint. Actually I could really go for a Whack-and-Unwrap chocolate orange, but you made sure that I will not be having one of those again until Christmas '09.

I agree with Robina, I really cannot believe how far you are already! I have been keeping up with your blog and the comments every day, and although it's nice that people feel you are such a motivation to them, I have a slightly different take on your little adventure. Don't get me wrong; what you're doing is absolutely amazing and I'm so proud of you. However, I feel that you are doing so much in the way of ambition that you more than make up for the extensive lack of initiative that I have come to terms with in my own life. Thanks for doing all the work so I don't have to!

You're doing absolutely wonderfully, keep it up! Lots of love!


P.S. Would you rather eat cardboard or drink ink? How's that for unappetizing food?

Tom said...

My prayers for a safe journey! People don't have to understand your "why" for doing this. Just that it means enough to you to try and succeed in the undertaking. I admire your spirit and dedication for a noble cause. From an Army dude who has seen his share of tough times, my best advice to you is to keep your mind set as diligently as your course. Both will be difficult, but certainly possible.

Mike said...

The minute you get back to Binghamton let everyone on here know. i will send a Nirch's Sheet your way the minute you get here.
i make them everyday. and god knows you deserve one the second you get home.

Katie said...

Keep up the awesome work!! The other day, I saw some freeze dried wine powder sachets!! Hope you brought some to celebrate :)

John said...

Super Mario Bros.!!! We have nintendo 64 at our house these days, as soon as you get back you are more than welcome to have a go at it. I must warn you, I'm king dong of mario kart land.

Anonymous said...


I have been reading your blog every day, you are an inspiration to all of us who sometimes put off our dreams to some far-off time in the future. I've decided to send you a "Quote for the Day" each day. Today's is:

All men dream but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity; but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes to make it possible.
T.E. Lawrence

Also, you should probobly catch one of those flying fish for when you get tired of Jamaican Chicken and rice. :)

Pat Moynihan

Teddi said...

Hi Paul,
Survivor Atlantic! Day 22
Reading your blog is one of the high lights for my students. Everyone in my class is so excited about your adventure.
These second graders look forward to finding your trek on the globe everyday and can't wait until you report on the marine life. Thanks for telling us about the flying fish.
Mrs. Black and all of these 2nd graders

Anonymous said...

I see that you haven't received a Biggest Loser update yet.
The winner of last season (6) was Michelle Aguilar. They all looked amazing. Season 7 is already heading into the 4th week this Tuesday. They are the biggest cast they have ever had. And I don't mean amount of contestants, I mean size wise! There is one 19 year old who is 454 pounds. He is working really hard and seems to be the public favorite. There was also a sweet husband/wife couple in their 60's. The husband passed out cold on the first day at the ranch before he even had a chance to workout. They were eliminated in week 2. Let me know if you want anymore updates!

Row On!!!

Lori H.

Pete said...

excellent answer to my prior brain teaser, good sir. plenty of very successful people have walked around with brains not too dissimilar from that of a chimpanzee and done just fine...

SO glad you saw a flying fish cause it sets me up perfectly for this next question. what would you rather be: a penguin, which can't fly but swims around the water like a fish, though it is a bird, or a flying fish, which can fly, but it is essentially still just a fish?

also: would you rather have a bionic arm or a bionic leg? that's an easy one for me but could be a tad trickier for a rower...

keep dreaming of delicious foods on the other side and you'll get there even quicker!

K-Rock and #1 Wild Bill said...

Hi Buddy - Day 22 - who knew?Seems like only yesterday...Glad to hear that ice cream is working out for you. Enjoy those little things. And marvel at the big things. The flying fish thing is very cool - except for them almost smacking you in the head. You are giving all of us some wonderful experiences!Keep giving us the great accounts - keep your head up - keep up the super rowing - keep making lists of the food you want when you get home - the liquor list will be for another day!xxoo-

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... between steak cravings and sightings of flying fish you may have imagined, I'm concerned that hallucinations of steers leaping before your face may be next.

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul - on the matter of dolphins, the comment of one of your bloggers reminded me of a conversation I had with a United pilot many a year ago. He was deadheading home and next to me on a flight; I asked him where he would go with all of the frequent flyer miles. New Zealand was his reply with not even a nano second of thought. He liked to sail there; when they played the stereo, the dolphins would follow the boat and dance to the tunes. Do you have any speakers on that boat of yours???

Safe sailing, err rowing. Your Bombay Saphire cravings underscore why this Colgate family is a big time fan of yours!

Joan M said...

Hi Paul,

Flying Fish is one of the most popular meals ordered when in Barbados. Breaded and Fried - mm, mm good! You'll have to try and catch one!!! It would certainly be a change from the chicken and rice.

Stay Safe.


Anna said...

You will be happy to know that I successfully had my team talking about you and your trip for a good portion of out status meeting this morning. MUCH more exciting than talking about advertising!

Lots and lots of love!

JoAnn said...

Hey Paul! Love reading all your blogs about your adventures of the day! Keep up the good work! How's the water situation? I think it's almost about time for a beard picture update! I'm going to have some wings tonight and I will definitely use extra hot sauce for you! Jo@GA

Lisa said...

Hi Paul,
I am an employee at Colgate and have been following your journey. You are a true inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Oh Paul,

We're praying for your safe journey up here in Canada! If you have a little downtime while at sea, we could use some help with CIM market data. We seem to have ourselves a real bag of bones here!
In the meantime, we'll all be pulling our socks up around here awaiting your return! Best wishes from your friends up north!

Lea B. Hansen

Michael said...

Hey Paul - thanks for the shout out in yesterday's post! Sorry you never met Rock Dog out at the boathouse - he was a lot of fun despite constantly getting underfoot when carrying the shell to the dock. I'm spreading the word about your row and blog, so hopefully you'll have some more folks to keep you company as you cross the Atlantic!