Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day 24

Another day in the books and another day closer to Antigua. I'm happy to be getting more comfortable with the environment and am getting better at reading waves to determine which I need to worry about and which will pass by without soaking me, which takes my stress level when rowing down quite a bit.

A little on my routine out here -- the hardest part of the day is in the morning between when I wake up and when I actually start rowing. I generally wake up around sunrise, which is roughly 8AM GMT or maybe 7AM in the time zone I'm in right now. For the first couple weeks my first though after opening my eyes was always..."Where am I? Wait..don't tell me I'm in a rowboat in the middle of the no no..." By now I'm pretty aware of where I am and am thinking something along the lines of "its morning already?" which I suppose is pretty normal.

So once I'm awake the fun begins. Grab some water, brush my teeth, think about whats for breakfast, which is usually granola but sometimes clif bars/chocolate or other snacks. I eat breakfast sitting up with my head near the big hatch watching the waves to get a sense of what I'm in for that day. Not that it matters really, because I have no choice but to row, but still...

Ok, enough for now. More on "getting ready to row" tomorrow. This is actually alot more involved than it sounds!

Haven't seen your comments in a few days (not to nag you or anything, Joy!), but when I do I'll get back to people if anyone has questions, etc...


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