Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day 6: Smooth Sailing

It's Paul's dad once again, with an update from Paul.

Yesterday, Day 5, was his best day yet, covering over 40 miles. But he looks to be on a pace to beat that on Day 6.

Paul was able to exchange emails with a Binghamton TV reporter today, and copied us. Here's what he wrote:

"All is going well here at about 2 PM local time on Day 6. I have the seasickness on the ropes and am feeling good. Have eaten lots this morning and would be feasting more if not for all the rowing that needs to be done!

"Am hoping to find a good routine soon -- so far have been rowing from 8 AM to 1 PM, rest/eat from 1 PM until 3, then row from 3 until 8 or so, at which point it's dark and I'm ready to rest. This gets me 10 hours of rowing, and I'll want to be closer to 12-15 if I can manage it. Think the trick will be to add a 4-5 hour shift from 9-12PM or so.

"We'll see, and am hoping the good weather lasts and thinking lots about my friends and family back in Binghamton. Pls forigve the spelling mistkes -- the keyboard is moving around on me! Best, Paul"

On the sat phone, I asked Paul if he'd seen any other vessels; he hasn't since leaving the Canaries. But today he saw a pod of about 60 dolphins, racing and jumping around him. Pretty impressive sight!

Paul has managed to get his steering problems resolved (he was so busy working on the linkage today that he forgot to take his seasickness medicine - a sure sign that he's getting his sea legs!). And he's really pumped to get your comments. Keep it up!


Zack Bloom said...

Sounds like you're getting into the zone buddy; good work!

Mark Texiera had his press conference today- the man looks good in the pinstripes!

Keep up the amazing effort and keep kicking ass!

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul,
So great to read about your progress!
Enjoy the sunshine- we are getting ready for yet another winter storm....
Ciao for now

Anonymous said...

Fantastic progress -- keep it up, Paul!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear things are going well. Make sure to eat 37.5 LBS of food a day.


philmargobingony said...


Keep up the good work!! You are touching people all over the world. Kids are loving to watch your progress as are we adults. All our love and prayers. Love Phil & Margo from Bingo-NY

Anonymous said...


It is amazing what you are accomplishing everyday. Kudos to you for providing such an inspiration to us all. Your story has touched so many lives. I look forward to continue watching your progress and remember how many people are supporting and praying for you!
-Michaela, NH

Anonymous said...


Just to let you know that i am tracking your progress. Time to head to walmart to look for green hair color...i think it is a eye catcher. hope people like it!!

Colgate art student

Anonymous said...

We know you come from strong family on both sides, and their influence is obvious in you. We knew your father's parents, and your grandfather Earle was a smart man who accomplished many things. He used to say, "When you wake up, get up, and when you get up, wake up." It's clear where you come from. You're in the thoughts of many people, both whom you know and many whom you don't.
Good luck to you,
Gary and Adrienne Ricciardi

Dan said...

Look at you working on the boat! Way to get the steering fixed buddy. That should make things a bit easier on you!

Dan said...

Oh and by the way, I gave the IT guy at work an earful today because they have blogs blocked and I can't read this at work. I told him if you can row across the ocean, he should be able to undo the internet filter. We will see if my inspiring words have any effect...

Anonymous said...

So I've been really bored over Christmas break, and I decided to bake you cookies today. Is there an address where I can send them? Like maybe a PO Box you check in with?

Seriously though, I've been following the blog everyday, and I can't tell you how proud of you I am! Keep it up, just don't come into Antigua during spring break because I'm having my wisdom teeth out.

Lots of love and good thoughts!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you have the sea sickness under control...cant wait to have a huge dip and a bottle of Jim Beam when you get back to the states...


Rhiannon said...

The weather is lovely here in Binghamton with roads that are sheets of ice. Makes me think of the old days. Hope there's a freeze-dried oreo sundae in there for you once your stomach is 100%.

Please stay safe :)

Jordan said...

Hi Paul -
I'm so glad things are going so well! I'm working at BHS - and Dr. Penna raves about you all the time. We talked about your trip pre-departure at the faculty meeting last month, and he told the students all about your progress today (Tuesday) on the announcements.
Godspeed, and Keep up the good work!
Jordan T.

Anonymous said...


Much admiration, I am personally willing you on as the many others are.

Don't lean over to far to take photos of those dolphins and fall in..

Keep it clean


Donna said...

Hey Paul, I've been reading your blog since before you left the island, heading for home. I was impressed with the name one your vessel. LIV, norwegian. How do I know? Well, I'm norwegian. Enjoy that sunshine cause back here in Binghamton we have freezing rain, streets are like and icerink but hey, we live in Bingo town and that's to be expected in the winter. I'm glad to see your progress has gotten better and your seasickness is subsiding or atleast getting under control. Must have been really cool to see those dolphins your dad told us about. They'll keep a spirit of safety over you. So do you have a camera with you? Not going to make this to long but just wanted to let you know, people you don't even know are there for you. My prayers are with you. I'll be watching your progress. Keep the faith! Donna

Jim Cooper said...

Hi Paul,

Our best to you from the crew at the NRRA. I've been lurking and watching, and *really* envy your drive.

Best of strength and will back at you.


John said...

First of all, great to hear you finally getting into a groove. They had mentioned you like stories more than questions, so I figure SOMEBODY has to keep you updated on the world of sports. I'm nominating me, mostly because I will give you the most biased news money can buy.

Here goes:

The Jets stink, they fired their coach. Immediately after that, a bunch of players threw Favre under the bus (he threw 3 picks in the final game), and it was hilarious. Tomas Jones wanted him to be benched, apparently.

The Pats and Cowboys did not make the playoffs. Pearlman is somehow still a Cowboys fan, even though he's from Jersey, where the best team in the league resides.

The Yankees introduced YA BOY Mark Texeira. Surprisingly, he said it was the Yankees "tradition" and not the extra $20million dollars they offered him that made him sign with them. Weird, nobody ever does that.

The Giants play the Eagles this week in the Playoffs.

Hope to keep hearing more good news! You're the best, but you're no longer THE CHAMP.



Anonymous said...

hey paul...great show!
whats the problem with the steering?

Anonymous said...

Nice work Paul! Keep the calories and h2o going in. Gotta feed the beast :-)

How's the bod/hands holding up so far?

Our ice storm here makes me wish I was with you!

Keep that bow pointed West.


Margaret Bowling said...

Hey Paul
I read you were planning on eating 10,000 calories per day! And I also read you were having trouble finding time to eat. So first of all I would suggest cutting your expected intake to 5,000 calories. This is the average that nearly all male ocean rowers end up eating. And they all go out there having consulted experts who suggest they eat more. But you'll get there fine on less. Your body will tell you when it is hungry and thirsty so listen to it carefully. Protein drinks are an excellent booster when you're feeling too tired to prepare a proper meal. I alculated that we actually only ate about 3,500 calories per day and I felt in excellent shape when I finished.
10 hours rowing per day is good. With shift changes and general messing around rowers in pairs and fours often lose a couple of hours and only really end up doing 10 hours instead of the 12 you might think. You will probably find 15 hours is unrealistic but give it a go and try it out. Your efficiency will diminish significantly after 2 hours so I would suggest trying out a series of shorter sessions with shorter rest breaks in between. I will speak to Chris Martin and get him to tell you what worked for him when he rowed solo.
Amazing that you saw dolphins today - those are what my rowing partner called 'moments of brilliance'. A few of them make all the crap stuff worth while.
You are obviously thinking lots about those at home. This is also an important element to an ocean row that people don't anticipate. A lot of time to think, little input from your environment and no contact with other people truly gives you a chance to remember just how many amazing people are in your life and how special they all are. It is a unique experience and when my friends and family annoy me now I try to remember the overflowing love I felt for each of them whilst out at sea.
Sending you all of our best wishes. You're doing very well indeed.
Margaret and everyone at the Association of Ocean Rowers

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul -

Just wanted to say how amazing this all is and am so happy to hear things are going well! It really is an inspiration and I can't wait to read more about your travels.

Kick butt :)


Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of your progress!

Best Wishes,

Katy said...

Dan wants you to hurry up so that he can challenge you to nutters with the indigenous Antiguan pineapple.


K-Rock and Wild Bill said...

Hi Buddy - Dolpins are good luck for mariners - or is that Dolphin Cheerleaders that are appealing? I forget. In any case, can you harness up a few of those guys to give you a tow for a while? That would help. The progress is amazing - work on a good steady routine - save some energy for the last 40 miles!We toast to you often - really often. We're anxious to have you back her to join us -

Anonymous said...

Just left Mike's. Things are going well.

Glad the seasickness is going away.

Mr. Pace

Teddi said...

Dear Paul,
We had a snow day yesterday because of ice. So many students looked up "Row for Hope" on their home computer because they couldn't wait to find out how well you were progressing.
Congratulations on 40 miles.
keep rowing, My students want to know if you remember helping me set up my classroom at this school.
All 26 of us in Binghamton, NY