Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day 11

Progress to the Southwest today, and I should be crossing 20 degrees west longitude overnight. I like to think of the row as consisting of four quarters, each being 10 degrees of longitude, starting at 20W and ending at 60W. Antigua is at 61W and change, but I figure that, at that point, when I can see the lights of the island, etc... the hardest parts will be over.

So, with that in mind, today marks the end of the warm-up (a long warm-up, I know!) and the beginning of the first (and longest) leg of the race - longest because I'll want to make some more meaningful progress south in addition to the west I'll need to get to the next line at 30W.

Sorry for the short and boring update today, I'll have something more interesting tomorrow, I promise!

One little gem though - today I caught myself singing along to "Chattahoochee" (Alan Jackson?)... how's that for a visual?



Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work, I've gotten my whole family into your blog!

For your sports update: The Eagles just beat the Giants 23-11. Booo.

Although we miss you, I have enjoyed riding around in your truck pretending to be a trucker's girl friend. Hopefully we can keep that up when you get back! Don't worry, I've nagged Dave about a million times not to back your trailer hitch into anything and so far so good.

I hope your row continues to go smoothly!


Anonymous said...

Hi Paul- Along with many others, I also check your whereabouts every morning when I get to work.

Annika has chosen to give up one of her bedtime stories to hear your blog before going to sleep, so if you could incorporate a little Dr. Suess it would be greatly appreciated!

I am simultaneously filled with anxiety and pride over what you are doing. You and Joy both have Kathie's strength and determination. If you get to Antigua before March 15th, I'll consider reversing my pledge and do a shot of Jaeger with you. You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. Keep up the amazing progress.

From Jay:"Hey Slick- Row, row, row your UHHH!"

Anonymous said...

You are like baz then.....singing bout grape drink. Just remember that god has a plan n he isn't gettin any younger. Time for a corn cob pipe n steak!

Frank Sinatra

Anonymous said...

Just remembered I owe Chuck some money from 2001. I calculated the interest of 14% and made a donation in his name.

Good luck.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I will have grape soda and "spiked" watermelon waiting for you when you return to the states.


Corey said...

Way down yonder on the chattahoochee
It gets hotter than a hoochie coochie
We laid rubber on the georgie asphalt
We got a little crazy but we never got caught

Definitely hard to picture you jamming out to Alan Jackson in a boat in the middle of the Atlantic rocking a red beard.


Somboon said...

You should be listening to David Gray


Sharijohnson said...

I so envy you and I pray everyday for your safety and health please know I think you such a hero I am disabled and you give me so much hope .

Anonymous said...


Beware of the Whompy-cat. I am sure Mr. Stiles would tell you that not only does her terrorize only land but he does as well in the water.

Keep trucking!


Sharijohnson said...

Keep up your stamina and all we go will God speed

Anonymous said...

Good luck and God speed sing some 50 oldies songs that will keep your spirits up

Anonymous said...

Hey there Paul,
Been following along with your posts and it's great to hear how you're doing. Keep it up!
Best, Rob Udewitz

Anonymous said...

Do you still have that little bird following you? Maybe it's your gaurdian angel. Maybe you should name it "Angel"??

Lori H.

John said...

How's it going big fella...really good to hear from you on a regular basis these days, however short the reports may be.

As the most biased sports reporter in the world, I come to you with sad news this morning. The Giants lost yesterday, 23-11 against the Eagles. Eli looked awful the whole game, their idiot kicker missed two field goals because he sucks, they couldn't convert on 4th and short twice in the 4th quarter, and Donovan F. McNabb was an asshole, as expected. To make matters worse, somehow, the Arizona freaking Cardinals won and are now hosting the NFC Championship game after they dominated the Panthers. It's never a good time when you wager on two teams on playoff Saturday, and those two teams turn thet ball over 9 times. Yuck. Anyway, the Eagles are going to go to the Super Bowl and I think my head is going to explode soon. At least I'm not Pearlman, I guess.

Well, enough of the biased sports report. I was kinda confused because I thought you were going to do the two hours on, two hours off deal and instead you're doing 5 hours at a time? And then you tell us that's a warm up period? I started to wonder how it's possible that doing something for 10 hours a day is a "warm up". You're incredible, keep up the good work.

K-Rock and Wild Bill said...

Sing-a-longs are good - whatever it takes, buddy. We've hunted down all our old Springsteen stuff and have been blaring it on Lincoln Ave in your honor. We know we can only experience the trip in days, not miles,but every one is progress. We're right there with you every step of the way. xxoo -

Anonymous said...

I am glad there is not enough room on that boat of yours to dance. After what we witnessed at gdovin and sara's wedding from you...the ocean will be a better place for not having to witness that scene

glad to see things are going well bud...


Anonymous said...

Hi Paul! This is Jennifer from WFAS. I just wanted to let you know that we have all been following your efforts ever since you were chosen as our "My Hero" winner months ago. You were inspirational then and you still are. We wish you the best of luck with the rest of your journey and can't wait to hear all about it when you get back.

Keep up the great work!

Jennifer Walsh

Anonymous said...

Hey it's Yanuzzi. Figure I better say so at the beginning because I keep forgetting to sing. Autosign would be a good addition.
Told my buddy Jason the other day to check out your website. He said it was awesome, then told me I needed to get my act together if I had friends doing things like that.
So, modeled after your adventure, I started a fundraiser at work the other day. I walked, for probably close to twenty minutes, in an effort to raise money for a cup of coffee. Goal was 50 cents, which, I easily reached. Though instead of donations, it was more like a scavengar hunt. Regardless, I met my goal, you are next.
Anyways, enough reading, get back to rowing.
As for the bird, name it Tailgate, and tell it to bring Labatts. Unless you see a stork, then name it Behan, and ask for half an orange floating in a dixie cup.
Keep up the good row.

Teddi said...

Our class does not find your blogs boring at all. We were excited to read about the sea turtles and dolphins. One of my students wrote to you over the weekend.

Chris said...

Gotta Love the Chattahoochee. I never knew how much that muddy water meant to me.

That's awesome about the turtles man. They sound like they could be kinsella turtles, but maybe they're the Ridley variety. We're thinking about you and checking up on you on a daily basis. Keep on kicking ass man.


-CK & ZK

Anonymous said...


I love reading your blog!
I too think of you at night under the stars with -- an unusually bright star watching over you!
All of us in the BCSD are "pulling" for you and keeping track of your progress.
And yes -- your teachers all do remember you! You are such an inspiration to all of us.
Dr. G2

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're doing great. Say hi to Brooklyn Decker for me.


Anonymous said...

Holy Cow! I followed your story when it hit the newspapers here in Binghamton - like in Nov.
I was sorry to hear about your delay leaving port...checked back every couple days to see what was happening.

Low and behold I log on today and you're 11 days into it! Good Luck, Best Wishes


Stephanie said...

Perhaps you could name the bird Coxswain? You could picture it yelling at you when you start to slow down.

LovelyLadyLumps said...

Name the bird Blackie. I love when I think outside the box! Keep up the speedy rowing!

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul! I just wanted to let you know that I check your blog at least twice a day and I know Augie and my mom check in on you at least once a day. You also have a small following of material scientists in stockholm sweden, however strange that may sound.

I'm really amazed by the distance you go every day. We love hearing about how your doing, your breakneak schedule and the wildlife! Love the pictures of your cabin too-looks kind of cozy with a nice view too. That's so great that you can keep in touch daily and keep up with the sports news. Anyways thinking of you and we wish you the best in your adventure!

Stacy Trey

Melissa M said...

Country music! Woo hoo. I am taking good care of your Sirius radio and cannot thank you enough for bringing country music back into my Stamford car rides :)

Anonymous said...

Paul, there is NOTHING boring about anything you post. Boring also means you are safe and healthy. Remember......legs,back, arms.....arms, back, legs.... repeat. :-)

"I'd like to say something witty, but that's not our style. Remember, chicks dig scars, pain goes away and glory lasts forever" Shane Falco

You are amazing.....


Anonymous said...


I am so excited to read your posts from my italian villa in upstate new york while my dad is out shooting for the mob. He went out and sold 4 guns and with the the money bought me tiffany's.

Have to keep this one short...i am off to tan and buy a jacket that are to short!

top bunk =)

Jessica said...

Glad to hear that you are doing well. Can't wait for you to come home so i can slap you in the face again!

Anonymous said...

glad to hear things are good with yas. Just wondering if the gatorade your drinking is from the top of the vat or bottom.. Mike the barber says be careful of sharks, because they like to drag people out into deeper water, not sure if he realizes that your in the middle of the ocean. Anyhow take care buddy cant wait until your home to do a shot of Jack face to face with you


Pastor Michele Fischer said...

Hi Paul,
I am the Pastor at Holy Nativity in Endicott-- we're praying for you as a congregation- Good to see you made some real headway today-- just as you predicted!

I made sure they added a note about your adventure to the synod newsletter!

Keep up the good work and keep us informed about your bird friend...

Michele Fischer

Anonymous said...

Hope you packed some sun tan loation. I hear the sun can be pretty hot out there and you've got some fare skin.

Joe Igo